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Distributes mainstream anime as well as live action, monster movies and adult anime. Licensed the well known 'Rurouni Kenshin' anime series.

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See Also:
  • Geneon Animation - Large production and distribution company dealing with many well known anime anime titles such as Sailor Moon, Fushigi Yuugi and Serial anime Experiments Lain.
  • Viz Communications - Information on anime, manga, graphic novels, and merchandise distribution from Viz. companies With news, profiles and downloads.
  • Bandai Entertainment - New release information, product announcements, company news and anime information, product companies catalog, trailers, and contact information.
  • Manga Entertainment - Catalog, online store, newsletter, wallpaper, contests, FAQ, and companies trailers.
  • Urban Vision Entertainment - Company history, available titles, news, message board, wallpaper, clubs, and anime contests.
  • Synch-Point - Production division of Anime Gamers USA, Inc. Titles companies include I\'m distribution Gonna be an Angel! and FLCL.
  • ADVFilms - A producer and distributor of Japanese animation and companies live action movies for North America and the companies United Kingdom.
  • Central Park Media - Producers of English versions of Japanese anime, also anime publishes manga, distribution under the imprint CPM Manga. Information anime on titles and on distribution how to order.
  • AnimEigo - Anime and Samurai films. Videos, LDs, character goods, distribution images and distribution a chatroom.
  • Media Blasters - Distributes mainstream anime as well as live action, anime monster movies distribution and adult anime. Licensed the well anime known \'Rurouni Kenshin\' anime distribution series.

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