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Anime message boards grouped by community chit-chat, specific titles, roleplaying, music, fan art, fan fiction, movies, video games, and news.

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See Also:
  • DALnet #anime - Site for #anime on DALnet IRC network offers user-maintained reviews, channel statistics, editorials, and member list.
  • Anime Chat - Anime and game-related discussions, including specific sections on chats and forums Gundam, Samurai Jack, and Final Fantasy among others.
  • Animenation Forums - Message boards cover general anime topics, fan works, chats and forums conventions, clubs, toys, and music.
  • Anime Gamer - Discussion of various anime and manga titles, games, fandom and links.
  • DOA Graphic Connection - A proboards discussion board.
  • Anime Guru - Forum topics include games, music, fan works, reviews, fandom and suggestions.
  • Anime Headquarters Forum - General anime, manga, and video game discussions.
  • - Discussions for anime, hentai, manga, bishoujo games, soundtracks, fandom live action chats and forums films, as well as social topics.
  • AnimeBB - Discusses Dragonball, Naruto, Cowboy Bebop and Rurouni Kenshin.
  • Anime Freaks - A discussion board powered by Invision Power Board.
  • Anime-Chat - Free java-based chat rooms and IRC server. Also chats and forums features fan artwork.
  • The Storm Will Anime Forum - General anime and manga discussion with a section fandom for non-Japanese animation.
  • Animeleague - Discussion board with anime reviews and multimedia.
  • Garage Kits Japan - A hobby discussion board about anime and japanese anime resin garage fandom kits.
  • Natalie's CCS Mansion Forums - Discusses all aspects of anime series. Focuses on chats and forums anime Card Captor Sakura but has sections for other chats and forums anime shows and topics.
  • Anime Horizons - General anime and series-specific discussions, fan artwork, as anime well as chats and forums non-anime topics.
  • Naruto-No-Jutsu - A discussion board on proboards.
  • Anime Fever - Fora with photo gallery.
  • Virtual Infusion - Anime, manga, gaming, and fan work discussions.
  • OtakuBoards - An anime and video game community with general anime as chats and forums well as series specific discussions for Dragonball, Digimon, and Gundam chats and forums among others.
  • Christian Anime Alliance - A discussion board that was created by christian chats and forums chats and forums fans. Discussion topics include reviews, games, role playing chats and forums chats and forums games and art.
  • New World - Anime, games, and computer discussions.
  • Chibi Otaku Paradise - Texas-based cosplay group site. Topics mainly focus on chats and forums anime conventions and costumes.
  • Anime Tribe - Social networking for fans around the world.
  • Sedai no Otaku - Forums covering general as well as specific anime chats and forums fandom and gaming topics.
  • Shoujo-Ai Forum - Discussion board focusing on the lesbian aspects of fandom anime. Also chats and forums features fan fiction and image forums.
  • - General anime as well as series-specific discussions.
  • Sakaseyou RPGs - An anime RPG board featuring various series.
  • Taijiya no Mura - Discussions for specific titles such as Inu-Yasha, Rurouni anime Kenshin, and Yu Yu Hakusho. Also has general anime anime and social areas.
  • Twin Moons Anime Forums - Offers fora for specific titles, music, and DVD fandom reviews.
  • AnimeDates - An online dating community for fans of anime anime and Japanese pop-culture.
  • Flying Koi Anime - Message board for anime, manga, music, and games. Includes areas for fanworks, neko discussion, and off-topic subjects.
  • - For Japanese anime and manga discussions with polls chats and forums anime and reviews.
  • Schweet Forums - A discussion board powered by Invision Power Board.
  • Anime Red - Anime, manga, and RPG forums with specific areas for various fan works.
  • Radio Active Anime Forums - A discussion board powered by phpBB.
  • Anime Neko - A message board powered by Invision Power Board.
  • Noated - An anime community with forums, auctions, and a fandom search engine.
  • Anime Cosmo - General anime as well as title-specific discussions, also fandom several console chats and forums gaming areas.
  • Anime on DVD Community Forums - Discussions of DVD releases in all regions, studio feedback, dubbing, manga, and hardware.
  • Icchan Laboratory - A general anime and manga forum with a fandom dedicated section chats and forums for Angelic Layer.
  • The Garden of Dreams - Message board for discussions on anime and manga, RPGs, and chats and forums art.
  • Anime Haven - Mailing list with image gallery and links. Public archives.
  • Tea's DreamWorld - Discussions include specific titles, DVD releases, previews and anime reviews, and fandom fan fiction.
  • Bodhisattva Cathedral - A message board on proboards.
  • Canofoo's Anime Conversations - Forums for several titles including Gundam, Dragonball, Cowboy chats and forums anime Bebop, and Love Hina.
  • Ancient Clan Forums - An active online community that caters to anime, anime sci-fi, and video game enthusiasts.
  • Moonwings - A discussion board dedicated to providing its members fandom with role chats and forums playing games.
  • Animeboards - Anime message boards grouped by community chit-chat, specific chats and forums anime titles, roleplaying, music, fan art, fan fiction, movies, chats and forums anime video games, and news.
  • Beloved Anime - A discussion board powered by Invision Power Board.
  • Anime Matrix 3000 - Contests, image galleries, chat room, and message board. Yahoo group; fandom requires registration.

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