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For those who would like to claim a character as their bride or groom. Rules, join form, codes, and member list.

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See Also:
  • Anime Toy Chest - For all anime lovers. Member list, banners, rules, anime and join form.
  • Catgirl Obsession - For fans of feline-like characters. Explanation, requirements, application form, codes, cliques member list, and FAQ.
  • Mystic Glory - Members pick beings with supernatural powers as their protectors. Rules, cliques codes, and member list.
  • Be My Angel - Allows members to marry their favorite characters and anime adopt children.
  • Anime Plushie - For adoptions of character plushies. Member list, codes, cliques join form, anime and rules.
  • Sweet Chibi - For anyone who loves anime or manga. Members, anime rules, and anime join form.
  • Bishounen Saitai Tsutome - Marry your favorite bishounen.
  • Marry Me - For those who would like to claim a cliques character as fandom their bride or groom. Rules, join cliques form, codes, and member fandom list.
  • Aspects of Life - For the comparison and sexual aspects of life. Rules, member list, and images.
  • Eternal Darkness - Dedicated to dark characters with a mysterious feel. Rules, codes, buttons, and member list.
  • NMKAC - Northampton and Milton Keynes anime club. Aims to cliques build a fandom society and let people meet up cliques and talk.

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