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The dictionary definition of a fandom is: All the fans of a sport, an activity, or a famous person. Therefore, an anime fandom is for or made by the fans of anime.

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  • Eric B's Sailormoon Episode and Movie Store - Information for Sailor Moon, and fan subs for Sailor Moon fandom and Dragon Ball Z.
  • Endy-chan's Anime Heaven - Sections on Fushigi Yuugi, Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne, and Kodomo no Omocha. Images, humor, and story summaries.
  • Essence of Indigo - Sections on titles including Slayers, Fushigi Yuugi, Pok√©mon, Final Fantasy, fandom Chrono Trigger, and Magic Knight Rayearth. Profiles, fan fiction, and fandom links.
  • Eyes for Anime - Character shrines, fan art, contests, and links.
  • The Eternal Flame Shrine - Sections on Gundam Wing, Tenchi Muyo, Outlaw Star fandom and Mononoke Hime. Fan art, MIDI files, chat fandom room, and links.
  • El Cesto de Papeles - Fan art, manga scans, lyrics, bishonen shrines, personal anime opinions, fan fandom fiction, Muza shrine, humor and links.
  • Eternal Collective - Cliques for various anime, character shrines, and links.
  • Ethreal Elements - Elementally themed shrines to corresponding anime characters. Brief profiles, images e and links.
  • Eta - Naru - Character shrines and image galleries.
  • Emperor G's Universe of Anime - Character profiles, images, and general information from Vandread, anime Evangelion, Bubblegum fandom Crisis, and Ah My Goddess.
  • The eMotions's Anime Villains Super Site - Information, pictures, and profiles of villains from Sailor fandom Moon, Dragon Ball, Zodiak Worriors, Pokemon, Transformers and fandom Digimon.
  • Every Thing Anime - Chat, fan art and fan fiction.
  • Everything Anime - Images, MP3 of the month, RealAudio clips, themes, fandom and fan anime fiction.

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