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The dictionary definition of a fandom is: All the fans of a sport, an activity, or a famous person. Therefore, an anime fandom is for or made by the fans of anime.

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  • Forever's Realm - Information, character profiles, and images for Cardcaptors, Pokemon, Slayers, and anime Chrono Trigger.
  • Final Fantasy Gundamia - Final Fantasy and Gundam Wing characters, storylines, and media.
  • Fox's and Spikey's Outlaw Star and Gundam - Reviews for various series and fan art gallery.
  • Fanime - Fan fiction and art, message boards, and links.
  • - Utena and Sailor Moon images, links, webring, information and links.
  • Fujisawaland - Images, gifs, games, and links. Series include Ranma, anime Dragon Ball f Z, Tenchi Muyo!, and El Hazard.
  • Fanficcers - Fan fiction articles, short stories and poetry.
  • Faery Kitten - Fan fiction from various series, images, adoptions, and f links.

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