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See Also:
  • Lunar Anime - A fansub group that subtitles and distributes unlicensed fan subtitled series.
  • AnimeVortex Online - Reviews, previews, media, pictures, clips, discussion, and an anime IRC channel.
  • The Beginner's Guide to Subtitling - Introduction, equipment list, project choices, scripting, timing dialogue, fandom editing, and fandom distribution.
  • Fansub Database - List of projects, sorted by anime title and fan subtitled subtitling fan subtitled group.
  • Gotwoot Network - Hosting related and non related content including subtitled series from fan subtitling groups.
  • Hikari no Kiseki - A translation group providing translations for the series.
  • Mahou - Contains news, showtime, dictionary, kanji, projects, forums, IRC, fan subtitled BitTorrent anime and codecs.
  • BakaSub for Linux - A subtitling program for Linux.

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