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This category is for sites whose titles begin with the letter F and contain artwork drawn by fans, featuring characters or worlds from specific anime or manga titles. Sites listed here have fan art for multiple titles; fan art sites for only one title belong in the category for that title. Sites with both fan and original art are also listed here. Sites for which original art is the only content, or the substantial majority of content, are listed in Arts: Animation: Anime: Fandom: Fan Works: Original Art.

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  • Fanart and Stuff - Art from series such as Inuyasha, Rurouni Kenshin, and the fan works Legend of Zelda.
  • Fallen Angels - Contains content for bishounen and shounen-ai fans.
  • From Heaven Down to Earth - Original anime art, Ouke no Monshou and Rose fan works of fan works Versailles fan art, links.
  • Furryhart - Contains anthropomorphic and fantasy artwork and art auctions.
  • Frito Bandito's Art Page - Original anime art, guest works, gifts, and links.
  • Flying Kitty Kat Studios - A little hole in the World Wide Wasteland fan art where Ayame and Hikaru post their Fan Art fan art and Fan Fics
  • Final Fantasy Heaven's Fan Art - Final Fantasy fan art from various different artists.
  • Furious Feather - Original and fan art from various series by fan works Yaya Han. Commissions accepted.
  • Farah Mohammed's Fan and Original Art - A gallery of pieces from well-known series and original works by Farah Mohammed.
  • FlameSnipr's Fanart - Dragon Ball Z, Macross, Ranma 1/2, Sailor Moon, f and Tenchi fan works fan art, along with original art, f manga, and comics.
  • Fixed Engima - Fan art and original comic. Also has a fan art profile fan works of the artist and forum.
  • FanaticArtwork - Drawings from anime, games, and fantasy. Submissions accepted.
  • Fanart Archive - Drawings sorted by artist, series, theme and date. f Submissions accepted.
  • Funky Strawberry - Three pages of thumbnailed art done on oekaki. fan works Requests fan art accepted.

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