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This category is for sites whose titles begin with the letter V and contain artwork drawn by fans, featuring characters or worlds from specific anime or manga titles. Sites listed here have fan art for multiple titles; fan art sites for only one title belong in the category for that title. Sites with both fan and original art are also listed here. Sites for which original art is the only content, or the substantial majority of content, are listed in Arts: Animation: Anime: Fandom: Fan Works: Original Art.

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  • Valhalla - Original and fan art as well and links.
  • Van Lardo's Homepage - Original drawings in a comic book style. Also fan art features video game art.
  • Victoria's Anime Fan Art - Original and gift art. Drawings from Rurouni Kenshin, fan art Fatal v Fury, and Gundam Wing.
  • Vhea - Beatriz Gonzalez Online Portfolio - Illustration gallery featuring original art along with Naruto, Soul Calibur, fan art Pirates of the Caribbean, Metroid Prime, Ragnarok, Tales of Symphonia, fan art Chrono Cross and Star Wars fan art.

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