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Sites in this category offer downloads of full anime episodes, through various means including the web, FTP, BitTorrent, and Streamload.

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See Also:
  • Otaku Request - Episodes sent to Streamload accounts on request.
  • KyotoAnime Community - A forum based community that offers downloads to multimedia members.
  • AnimeNuke - Offers several unlicensed and liscenced series' episodes.
  • Direct Manga - Collection of free manga downloads, including series such as Naruto, full episodes Gantz, and Bleach.
  • Otaku Savior - Episodes and movies available through Streamload.
  • Fansub TV - Fansubbed anime episodes available on direct download and full episodes bittorrent.
  • A.Scarywater.Net - BitTorrent releases categorized by fan-subtitling group.
  • Base0.net Torrents - Releases by various fan-subtitling groups available through BitTorrent.
  • Chocobo_no_miko's Streamload Site - Streamload distribution of fan-subtitled episodes.
  • Dattebayo Fansubs - Fansubs of Naruto and Bleach anime, available via anime BitTorrent.
  • Anime-Direct - Paid subscription-based direct downloads from several series.
  • Zero4Zero Network - Anime episodes available via IRC or FTP. Also includes anime TV Staion.
  • Precocious Gamine - Streamload distribution, with episode list and request form.
  • AnimeDistro - Provides direct downloads on anime series after paid full episodes subscription.
  • AnimeSuki.com - Fan-subtitled episode downloads through BitTorrent. Includes forum.

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