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A comprehensive information database dealing with Gundam and Dragonball--mobile suits and Japanese animated sagas. Covers series information, story background, merchandise, and links.

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THEM Anime Review* - Dedicated to reviews, as well as information, humor, and discussion on Japanese animation.

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  • Hanabatake - Summaries and links for One Piece, Mahoujin Guru animation Guru, Kodomo reviews no Omocha and other obscure titles. animation Also doujinshi, fan fiction reviews and research papers.
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  • Fantasy and Animation HQ - Reviews of Gundam, Macross, Slayers. Game reviews of Lunar, Final anime Fantasy, Phantasy Star.
  • Bear's Japanese Anime Review - Plot information and reviews based on a 1 anime to 5 scale.
  • Yamitsuki Anime - Animé reviews of series like Cowboy Bebop, Dragon Ball, Dragon anime Ball Z, and Trigun. Also has some theme songs and anime clips.
  • Subzero Anime Network - A network with information on series including Dragon anime Ball Z, Final Fantasy, Card Captors, and Gundam anime Wing.
  • AnimeStat - Provides an overview of anime reviews and scores anime from different anime sites.
  • DVD Vision Japan - Animé and live action DVD review site, with reviews of movies from US as well as Japan.
  • Anime Critic - Reviews and ratings, and reference section with glossary animation and release anime schedules.
  • Fantasy Dimensions - Contains anime reviews, episode reviews, and some general animation anime information.
  • Ria's Crazy Movie Reviews - This site contains anime and movie reviews.
  • Torrasque's Realm - A site containing mostly anime reviews and game anime tips. animation Other items contained in the site anime are links for anime animation research, and Internet Relay anime Chat networks.
  • Sub Rosa: Rare and Literary Anime - Database of literary and old animé, focusing on animation Nippon Animation\\'s reviews World Masterpiece Theater series. Staff listings, animation video release information, pictures, reviews and reviews.
  • Anime Classic Reviews - Exclusively dedicated to reviewing classic anime from the 80's
  • - Anime reviews, essays, community-written impressions, general information, wallpapers and images.
  • THAT Animeblog - Features reviews and episode synopsis of new anime animation titles.
  • Kawaii Anime Manga Page - Opinions and reviews on all types of animé reviews and manga series and movies.
  • Otaku Reviews - Reviews of animé series, movies, and music videos.
  • Community Anime Reviews - A review site where anyone can add their reviews own reviews. reviews Multiple listings of by category, reviewer, reviews and title.
  • Rei's Anime and Manga Page - Essays--introduction, common supernatural themes, animé stereotypes, gender relations, animation environmentalism. Fan art from Ranma, Yû Yû Hakusho, animation others.
  • Anime Manga Project - Provides multilingual anime resources like reviews, previews, TV schedule, and episode guides.
  • Best Anime Reviews - A collaborative site with reviews of Japanese anime.
  • Anime, Figures, Cosplay and All Things Otaku - Blog that aggregates and reviews Anime, PVC Figures, reviews Events and reviews Technology from Japan
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  • AniManga Corner - Review archives of popular anime series and movies.
  • Aligator Pop - Featured reviews and articles about anime, manga, comic, movie and music works.
  • Otaku Review - Reviews of anime DVDs, games, and soundtracks.
  • Excelsis - Fans can submit and view ratings, polls, and reviews reviews of anime series.
  • Anime Reviews and Information on Your Favorite Series - Anime Reviews and Information on Your Favorite Series
  • Rossman's Reviews and Ratings - Animé reviews site.
  • Anime 2 Manga - Reviews of old and new anime and manga anime titles, Japanese reviews artists, entertainment, and culture through articles anime and podcast.
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  • ssj3gogeta 's Anime Site - Reviews and information on Oh My Goddess and Dragon Ball Z.
  • Otakus in the Attic - Reviews of assorted series. Submission guidelines and links.
  • Black Moon Japanese Culture - Articles, glossary, reviews, and art contests, as well anime as information animation on Japanese culture and art.
  • The Anime Review - Large collection of anime reviews sorted by genre.
  • Paradise on Earth - Contains reviews on different animés like fushigi yuugi, animation card captor sakura, ayashi no ceres, and rurouni animation kenshin. Also has a multimedia section.
  • Lord Ashram's Anime Reviews - Collection of reviews; includes images. Review submissions accepted.
  • 60's Anime - A timeline with information and reviews regarding series of the reviews 1960s. Also includes some rare \'60s cartoons (non-animé).
  • Sea Slugs! Anime Blog - Daily summaries and reviews of the newest anime anime series.
  • Recommended Anime - Recommendations on Japanese animation masterpieces, with brief comments. Reviews done by a Japanese living in Tokyo.
  • J Project - Reviews (includes Godzilla), introduction, articles, links and fan fiction.
  • Josei Ni - Information about homosexual, bisexual and transgender themes. Also lists with animation g/l/b/t content.
  • Baka Updates - Features news and release dates for popular Anime anime titles.
  • Animea - Contains several anime reviews submitted by users.
  • Asian Stuff - Reviews with screen captures, wallpapers and a forum. Also rates animation a selection of Anime for violence and profanity.
  • All About Anime - Anime reviews, recommendations, and news searchable by genre, animation rating or year.
  • Anizeen - A community and online magazine offering information and reviews media on anime, manga, jpop and jrock.
  • Anime Overload - An animation review website.
  • Frankie's Anime Reviews - Collection of reviews by the owner and by guests. Also animation features awards, webrings, and a survey.
  • Animated Meanderings - Personal blog with anime and manga news and reviews.
  • Project BAG - Overviews of various Japanese animation series and popular video games.
  • Matt's Anime Page - Crash course in animé/manga, information for fans in anime the UK, favorites page, reviews, and Dominion Tank anime Police HQ section.
  • Desert Graveyard - In-depth reviews for current and old anime episodes animation and whole series.
  • Chill's Land of Eternal Weirdness - Fan art, anime model gallery, and multimedia of reviews animés like reviews Pokémon, Outlaw Star, and Macross 2.
  • Laura's Pardise - Character information on series like Dragonball Z, Gundam Wing, Digimon, reviews Lain, and Ranma 1/2. Also has anime reviews, RPGs, and reviews gallery.
  • Zerotopia - A page where you can give your opinions anime and make requests for what you want to anime see on the page.
  • DragonWing - A comprehensive information database dealing with Gundam and Dragonball--mobile suits and Japanese animated sagas. Covers series information, story background, merchandise, and links.
  • AnimeReview - One person\\'s reviews of Dragon Ball Z, Vampire anime Hunter D, Cowboy Bebop, Akira, Neon Genesis Evangelion, anime Ah My Goddess, and Berserk and a small anime collection of fan art.
  • Slink3r's Anime Reviews - This site has reviews on various anime titles.
  • Anime Boredom - Anime and manga reviews and articles.
  • HoTsHoTz79's 2002 Anime Reviews - All the latest 2002 anime series and the newly fansubbed reviews anime series review and wallpapers and anime sigs.
  • Sasuke no Ryouchi Anime Page - Brief section of series reviews.

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