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  • Rabi's Card Captor Sakura - Manga translations, seiyuu information, character profiles, music, games, fan pages and card captor sakura explanations of the clow cards.
  • Dreaming - Series overview, character profiles, and speculations for another fan pages dimensional version with what-if's.
  • Realm of the Card Captor - Character profiles, episode listings, images, and related links.
  • Kashu no Bijin - Image galleries, character profiles, lyrics, quotes, and links.
  • Cute ’n’ Sweet - General information, synopsis, fan fiction, artwork, and character look-a-likes.
  • Sakura's BME Clinic - Episode summaries, scripts for the English episodes, fan work, and card captor sakura Japanese lessons.
  • CCS Episode Transcript Project, The - Contains the transcripts of all the 70 episodes airred in card captor sakura the series.
  • Yelan Li's House - Wallpapers, fanart, fanfiction, polls, and links.
  • Card Captor 666 - Contains series summary, character biographies, and Clow Card c list.
  • CCS vs CC - Features comparison of episodes and characters between the card captor sakura fan pages original Japanese version and the English dubbed version.
  • Sakura Gardens, The - Images, character biographies, series information based on the card captor sakura fan pages manga.
  • Sakura Network - Series information, movie and episode guide, wallpaper, pictures, lyrics, and c character biographies.
  • Kawaii Sakura Shrine - Made-up diaries by characters, fan contests, fan works, card captor sakura c and episode information.
  • Michael’s Cardcaptors - Information on international broadcast and merchandises, bubble comics, fan contests, c and fan works.
  • Pisces 24/7 - Story overview, character profiles, image gallery, and links.
  • Fruits and Candy - Character profiles, image gallery, and wallpapers.
  • Cardcaptors Forever - Features the detailed explanation of places over all fan pages Tomoeda, c and the battle costumes seen in the fan pages TV episodes.
  • Sakura Forever - Contains character biographies, images, fanfictions, and fanarts.
  • Card Captor Sakura Encyclopedia - Episode summaries, character information, and merchandise information.
  • DLTK's Card Captors Section - Gallery of web and craft stuff containing clip card captor sakura fan pages arts, coloring pages, and printable paper dolls.
  • Anime Lyrics: Card Captor Sakura - Romanizations and translations of songs from the Japanese series, movies fan pages and accompanying soundtracks, and lyrics from the US series.
  • Sakura Dreaming - Series description, profiles, image gallery, fan fiction, and c fan art.

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