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A Mimato fan site with fan created media, reasonings behind the pairing, and information on the characters and their siblings.

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  • Takari's Castle - Fan site for TK, Kari and their Digimon. Photos, fan art, fan fiction, and character profiles.
  • Burning Light - Fan works that focus on Takuya/Kouji.
  • True Love - Mimi/Taichi site which features a gallery of images digimon focusing on the two.
  • Mixed Wind - Henry/Rika shrine with profiles, image gallery, fan works, relationships and links.
  • Purity's Tears - A Mimato fan site with fan created media, characters reasonings behind the pairing, and information on the characters characters and their siblings.
  • Ai Wo Kanjiru - Matt/Mimi shrine with character information, reasons and evidence characters for the characters pairing, fan art, fan fiction, and characters image gallery.
  • Kind Light - Ken/Hikari fanlisting and shrine. Contains information on the characters characters, reasons characters for the pairing, and image gallery.
  • Wo Ai Ni, A Kari and Matt Shrine - Shrine dedicated to Matt and Kari of Digimon
  • Destined Love - Mimato fan site with fan created works, pictures, characters information and characters related links.
  • Against The Odds - A Tai/Sora shrine with images, evidence, fan works and opinions on other pairings.
  • Evil's Light - A Ken/Kari shrine that also includes a subsection characters dedicated to other characters.
  • Only You - Kouji/Izumi site with character information, fan works and relationships media downloads.
  • Good Enough - Sorato site with fan art, fan fiction, doujinshi, relationships and evidence.
  • The Blues - Mimi/Matt shrine with reasonings behind the pairing, fan works, image characters gallery, and links.
  • Innocence - A shrine to both Takuya/Izumi and Kouji/Izumi. Includes relationships images, evidence digimon and opinions on both couplings.
  • Light and Hope Forever - Takeru and Hikari shrine with introduction, images, and characters links.
  • Strong Willed - Ryo/Ruki (Rika) shrine with character information, fan fiction, and links digimon to related sites.
  • 808 - Mimi/Takeru (TK) site with images, fan fiction and digimon reasons why digimon the couple would work.
  • Pure Morning - Humor-based Mimato site with character information, fan art characters and fiction, characters opinions and oddities, which includes a characters javascript game.
  • Tabu - Mimi/Daisuke (Davis). Site includes image galleries of the characters and fan fiction.

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