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Sites that offer Digimon-based RPGs.

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See Also:
  • Digimon RPG - RPG based on the Digimon TV show.
  • Digimon Forum RP - Forum based Digimon role-playing site.
  • The Digimon 02 RPG - EZBoard based RPG with battles and sidequests.
  • The Digital Heaven RPG - A Digimon RPG featuring original characters. Site has roleplaying an archive of previous seasons.
  • Data Decided - Invision board based Digimon RPG.
  • Digimon - Board based RPG where you battle players to digimon take control of the Digital World.
  • Deciding Factors - Story-based RPG that includes 02 and fan created characters.
  • Gifts of Nascian: A Digimon RPG - A play-by-email RPG based loosely off concepts from d the first d two seasons of Digimon. Uses original d characters.
  • Digimon World - EZBoard based RPG where you can be Digimon, human or d animal.
  • Digimon Dueler - Board-based RPG. Play as a Tamer or a d rouge Digimon. d Use either a set battle system d or free-form.

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