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Shrine to the character Crawd Winchester, otherwise known as K. Includes character profile, arguments, image gallery, wallpaper, music, downloadable drama tracks, fan art, and scans of yaoi doujinshi.

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  • Fanboy - Character shrine for Uesugi Tatsuha - includes a characters character profile g as well as an in-depth biography, characters a section dedicated to g relationship analysis fanfiction, fanart, characters icons, image gallery, list of interesting g quotes and characters a wisdom corner of deep thoughts by
  • Gravity - Ryuichi Sakuma is dead, but his daughter lives characters on. She\\'s characters sixteen, crazy and loved by her characters two dads ... TWO characters dads?! Join 16-year-old Ryuko characters Sakuma and her band, Snowflake, in characters the doujin characters GRAVITY!
  • The Totally Biased Tohma Site - Profile, background, speculation, relationships, episode guide, wardrobe, screen characters captures, and fan fiction.
  • Ryuichi's Kumagorou Playground - Information and gallery of Ryuichi with other sections dedicated Kumagorou and Nittle Grasper.
  • OhK - Shrine to the character Crawd Winchester, otherwise known characters as K. gravitation Includes character profile, arguments, image gallery, characters wallpaper, music, downloadable drama gravitation tracks, fan art, and characters scans of yaoi doujinshi.
  • Heartless Writer - Shrine to Yuki Eiri. In-depth character profile, analysis characters of relationships, seiyuu information. Also includes image gallery, characters stationary, and games and other extras.
  • Sakuma no Pika Pika - Shrine to Sakuma Ryuuichi, with profile, analysis, image gallery, and gravitation fan art.

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