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Gundam Wing is a television show that originated in Japan. Like other popular Japanese shows it migrated to the U.S. and some other countries to by now. This category deals with sites specifically about the characters of the show.

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  • Gundam Wing Character Shrines Index - General index of online GW character shrines including the five gundam pilots, OZ and other characters.
  • Duo's Corner - Character shrines for the five Gundam pilots, includes character information characters and an image gallery.
  • The Gundam Boys: Off Duty - Duo and Quatre\\'s shrine with fan fiction archives, gundam wing humor gundam wing and trivia, roleplaying weblog, multimedia.
  • Selece Kiyomi - Shrine for a fan-created character, with profiles and characters images.
  • Emotional Relationships Within the Gundam Wing Series - In-depth essays on the relationships between various GW characters characters. (Includes shounen-ai content)
  • Catherine's Circus - A collection of essays, articles about the characters, characters and fan gundam wing fiction.
  • Lover's Highway - Focusing on the romantic couples, with picture galleries, essays and gundam opinion, fan art and fan fiction. (contains shounen-ai content)
  • Gundam Wing Shrines - Main character information, and picture galleries.

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