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Comprehensive manga and anime summaries, cover scans, song lyrics, in-depth character pages, including items and locations, FAQ, cultural notes, video games, author biography, interviews, and timeline.

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The Inu-Yasha Companion* - Comprehensive manga and anime summaries, cover scans, song lyrics, in-depth character pages, including items and locations, FAQ, cultural notes, video games, author biography, interviews, and timeline.

  • Adult Swim: InuYasha - Official site for the U.S. broadcast of the series, with profiles, downloads, and schedule.
  • Legend of Pickles - Anime and manga galleries, wallpapers, fan fiction and art, animations, i and interactive section.
  • Yubiwa - Galleries, character profiles, review, voice actors, manga pages, quotes, journal inu-yasha icons, links, and song lyrics.
  • Mission Inuyasha - Brief character profiles, image gallery, polls, and forum.
  • The Higurashi Shrine - Character biographies, anime and manga summaries, weapons and attacks list, i midis and mp3s, and Japanese phrases.
  • Ear-Tweak - It's all about the boy with the puppy-dog ears - Series and manga information, news on the latest inu-yasha manga chapters, fanart, OST information, and humor.
  • Ahh! My Gundam Presents: InuYasha - Gallery, spoof interview, characters, fan art and fiction, i and links.
  • The Nihon Review - Inuyasha - Story, review, and images.
  • Inuyasha no Kokoro - News, story introduction, character profiles, manga overview, anime overview, lyrics, movie information, description of different parts of the series, episode summaries, multimedia downloads, fan works, and links.
  • Inuyasha Adventures - Anime and manga galleries, music downloads, lyrics, episode inu-yasha list, movie titles summaries, characters, story, fan fiction, and inu-yasha links.
  • Silent Tides - Profiles, Free music, galleries, fanart, and links.
  • The Inuyasha Enthusiast - Character profiles, fan works, story background, and gallery.
  • Inuyasha's Doghouse - Image gallery, character profiles, story summary, and links.
  • The World of Inuyasha - Series introduction, characters, gallery, and links.
  • Kanna's Inuyasha Reflections - Image gallery.
  • Silver Bells - Anime overview and episode summaries, manga summaries, creator information, games, i characters, galleries, multimedia, and interactive section.
  • Forever Inuyasha and Kagome - Story, characters, episode list, game screenshots, downloadable media, i fan art, interactive section, and links.
  • Coolgurl's InuYasha Realm - Character profiles, galleries, fan works, polls, and links.
  • InuYasha: Four Souls of the Shikon - Features, overview, character profiles, fan works, quizzes, polls, i and downloads.
  • - Features a collection of Inuyasha fan-fiction, character biographies, image gallery, forum and chat.
  • Inuyasha World - Short character profiles, episode galleries, voice actors, anime inu-yasha spoilers, song titles lyrics, and merchandise.
  • The Soul of Inuyasha - Characters, galleries, fan art, and fan fiction.
  • Rychan's Inuyasha Page - Characters, downloads, and links.
  • - General information, galleries, music, downloads, free e-mail, and i forums.
  • Inuyasha Images - Large image gallery, including screen captures, fan art, humorous images, titles wallpapers, and avatars.
  • Wind Scar - Character and weapon profiles, anime information, image gallery, i fan art i and fiction, downloads, episode summaries, and i email service.
  • Miroku's Unofficial Inu-Yasha Site - MIDI downloads, small gallery, game review, and links.
  • Inuyasha - Karma - Episode references, story overview, relationships, movies, fan fictions i and art, images, multimedia, and links.
  • Mizu-Crystal's Domain - Story overview, character profiles, movie summaries, lyrics, episode analysis, fan fiction and art, gallery, Japanese glossary, and links.
  • Inuyasha Online - Information on Inuyasha with episode summaries, manga translations, titles lyrics, character titles information, pictures, and wallpapers.
  • Inuyasha Sprites: Inuyasha Adoptions - Inuyasha sprite adoptions. Includes a list of adopted inu-yasha characters and inu-yasha images.
  • A Quiet Rain - Character info, fan fiction, music lyrics, quizzes, wallpapers, titles and links.
  • InuYasha - Story, gallery, characters, music downloads, manga overview, FAQ, i and episode summaries.
  • Love Them Ears - Shrine to Inuyasha\\'s ears with introduction, episode list, inu-yasha character biographies, i wallpapers, manga scans, and links.
  • Kagome's Shrine - Gallery, fan art and fiction, character profiles, episode i list, general i information, and wallpapers.

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