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  • Evangelion Palace - Contains thumbnailed images; profiles of Shinji, Asuka, Rei, n and their neon genesis evangelion EVAs, storyline information, and a forum.
  • Evangellion: Art and Interpretations - Focused on analyzing the characters and the series neon genesis evangelion fan pages itself. Character guide, synopsis, and image galleries.
  • The Totally Evangelion Page - Images, character profiles, fan fiction, introduction to Evangelion, fan pages and links.
  • Richard's EVA Page - Collection of links to pages and downloads, most fan pages with n text descriptions.
  • Evangelion in Oz - Based in Australia. Local television schedules, fan fiction, n pictures, information, n forum, Winamp skins, desktop toys, and n links.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion Portal - Images, information, message board, MIDI/mp3 files, Winamp skins, n and links.
  • Evangelion - NERV Headquarters - Episode summaries, MIDI files, images, scripts, character profiles, n and links.
  • EvangelionCommunity - Episode reviews, time line, chat room, images, quiz, and links.
  • Atakka Tenshi's Evangelion Fan Site - Pictures, information on characters and angels.
  • NGEX - Images sorted by character, storyline, Sephirothic Tree, character n profiles, fan n works from multiple sources, downloads, lyrics, n and links.
  • The Vanished Nerv-Ø2 - Introduction, commentary on the popularity of the show, neon genesis evangelion credits, episodes, angels, glossary, animations, character profiles, and neon genesis evangelion images.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion: Image Galleries - Series information, MIDI files, image galleries, and links.
  • The End of Evangelion - Episode and movie summaries, images, characters, inconsistencies, chat, message board, neon genesis evangelion reactions from fans, essential vocabulary, merchandise information, and links.
  • Evangelion Mercenaries - Episode listing, character profiles, images, sound files, and links.
  • Atom's Neon Genesis Evangelion Page - Opening theme in wave format, images, storyline, characters, neon genesis evangelion neon genesis evangelion Evangelions, Angels, and links.
  • Jade Eva - Includes storyline, character profiles, Red Cross Book, images, n wallpaper, guide to Angels and EVAs, soundtrack information, n and lyrics.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion - Story summary, character profiles, list of Angels and n Evangelions, and links.
  • Links - Unsorted list of Evangelion links.
  • The Hutch's guide to Neon Genesis Evangelion - Character profiles, MIDIs, RealMedia, quiz, and Angels.
  • David's Evangelion Page - Overview, EVAs, Angels, and images sorted by character.
  • Evangelion Anime System - Story overview, character profiles, EVAs, images, Winamp skins, fan pages desktop n toys, and links.
  • The Shrine of the Akai Megami - Translation of the Red Cross Book; image gallery. n Links and fan pages information related to Asuka.
  • Shinseiki Evangelion (Neon Genesis Evangelion) - Top-level intro, background, and insight into Eva. Also neon genesis evangelion n available in French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish neon genesis evangelion n via automatic web translation.
  • Shinji's Neon Genesis Evangelion Site - Includes profiles of characters, EVAs, and Angels. Also n contains weapon list, background information, timeline, Red Cross n Book, movie/series scripts, and thumbnailed images.
  • Anime Esper's Neon Genesis Evangelion Page - Character guide and description of the series.
  • Cyphix Network- Evangelion - Series information, images separated by character, games, downloads, fan pages and neon genesis evangelion links.
  • Ramiel's Evangelion Page - Images of characters, video clips, music.
  • Evangelion Fourth Impact - Images, links, music and fan fiction archive.
  • Embrace Eva - Episode summaries, character data, dictionary, The End of n Evangelion, review, poll, links, merchandise information, theoretical live-action n movie cast, lyrics, fan fiction, and links.
  • The Red Cross Book - Includes text of Gainax\\'s official book on the fan pages series n and movie.
  • Shadows Evangelion Page - Two versions of the page: standard and WebTV. fan pages Character profiles, images, MIDI files, song listings, music fan pages reviews, and links. Separate gallery for Asuka and fan pages Rei.
  • Ye Olde Anime Gallery - Evangelion character profiles and images.
  • Terminal Dogma II - Includes character profiles, plot information, Evangelions, Angels, MIDI neon genesis evangelion files, and image gallery.
  • BabyEva - Story information, characters, Red Cross Book, MIDI, images, n Winamp skins, and links.
  • Eva Destiny - Contains images sorted by character, MIDI files, clips, a chatroom, fan pages web e-mail, and information on the show.
  • Gauf's Room - Evangelion images, videos, MIDI files, Winamp skins, Windows downloads, links, neon genesis evangelion and a poll.
  • Nachiko's Fire and Blood Neon Genesis Evangelion Temple - Character profiles, galleries, webrings, and an episode guide.
  • Neo Genesis- Evangelion - Character profiles, images collected from other sites, and links.
  • Jae the Sixth Child - Introduction, story line, character profiles, downloads, mecha information and links. neon genesis evangelion [Multiple pop-up windows]
  • Evangelion MAGI Database Files - Includes storyline; Angel, EVA, and character profiles; images n sorted by neon genesis evangelion character; MIDI files; WinAmp skins; glossary; n and Red Cross Book.

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