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  • Ice Ice Baby - Shrine dedicated to the Hyoutei team. Character information, titles images, and prince of tennis links.
  • F.R.E.T. - Character information and image galleries for Fuji, Ryoma, Eiji and Tezuka.
  • Kyoudai-ai - Shrine for Fuji Syuusuke and his brother Yuuta. p Character information, p fanfics, fanart, doujinshi, mp3s, icons, contests, p and links.
  • Angel Flower Anime - The Prince of Tennis - Series review and snapshots.
  • Somnia-T - Fanfics, fanart, and links.
  • Wonderful Days - Series information, character and episode guides, song lyrics, prince of tennis p images gallery, avatars, and forum.
  • Calculated Thinking - A shrine to Mizuki Hajime - Character information, images, mp3, fanart, and links.
  • Tenipuri-DSP index - Prince of Tennis doujinshi scanlations. Includes character guide, p snapshots, avatars, p manga scans, fanfics, and skins.
  • - Character guide, episode summaries, manga scans, doujinshi, fanart, mp3s, and p links.
  • Ah-Un Pair - A MomoRyo Shrine - Momoshiro and Ryoma shrine. Fanfics, mp3, images, icons, titles and links. titles Contains yaoi.
  • Prince of Tennis dot com - Team character profiles, screen captures, wallpaper, episode and chapter summaries, song lyrics, and forum.

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