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  • Lavender Lust - General fan site to Ohtori Akio with gallery, ohtori akio character analysis, and seiyuu information. Some spoilers.
  • The Gallery of Antiheroes and Villans: Ohtori Akio - One-page analysis of Ohtori Akio, his goals, and characters the nature characters of his duality. [Full series spoilers, characters not marked]
  • Perfect Poison - Informative Akio shrine with images and well-written analysis. revolutionary girl utena Spoilers.
  • Such A Rose: Akio - General Ohtori Akio shrine with a large image characters gallery.
  • The Long Legged Older Man - Information-filled shrine to Ohtori Akio with analysis, interpretation, revolutionary girl utena ohtori akio and humor. (Spoilers for past episode 13.)

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