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Includes fan art, fan fiction, a short discussion of the movie, and a page for anyone who has ever wondered what Touga would look like in a toga.

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Editor's Picks:

Empty Movement* - Character analyses, general essays and interpretations, multimedia, original and submitted fan works, humor, and a 2500-item image gallery.

  • Revolutionary Girl - General information on the characters, a chart of duels, animated GIFs, and a partial episode guide.
  • Shoujoku's Shoujo Kakumei Utena Homepage - Image gallery, multimedia, profiles, fan works, episode summaries, revolutionary girl utena fan pages and links.
  • Shadows in the Rose Garden - Fan site with several essays relating to feminism in Utena, fan pages fan fiction, an original (and different) tarot, and brief viewing fan pages guides for experienced and new Utena viewers.
  • Ohtori Academy - Character analysis of Student Council members and screen captures and r synopsies of major story arcs.
  • End of Innocence - Includes analysis of symbolism, character biographies, fan fiction, revolutionary girl utena revolutionary girl utena and links to articles about and interviews with revolutionary girl utena revolutionary girl utena the creators.
  • Zettai Unmei Mokushiroku - A fan site with information on all characters, fan pages essays and analysis, story summaries, galleries, wallpaper, and fan pages floral symbolism.
  • Bara no Mokushiroku - Includes fan art, fan fiction, a short discussion r of the fan pages movie, and a page for anyone r who has ever wondered fan pages what Touga would look r like in a toga.
  • Utena in Black and White: The Manga vs. Anime - Analysis of the differences between the anime and revolutionary girl utena fan pages manga versions.
  • Death Quaker's Shoujo Kakumei Utena Shrine - Includes character profiles, show-related parodies of popular songs, revolutionary girl utena Utena Sims photo albums, fan fiction, and small revolutionary girl utena analyses.
  • Tsuchitsukazu Bara Kikin - Personal site includes images of each character, a r fan fiction, r and Utena humor.
  • The Himemiya Network - Collection of websites offering information, fan art, media, r fan fiction, r and a Himemiya Anthy shrine.
  • Eternity's Rose - Shoujo Kakumei Utena - Includes a character analysis of Utena, summaries and fan pages duel revolutionary girl utena song translations of a few episodes, fan fan pages fiction, wallpapers, revolutionary girl utena and a "YKYWTMUW" list.
  • Utena and Ancy's Dorm - Fan site with episode reviews, character pages, several image galleries, r and animated GIFs.
  • Four Days in Ohtori - Image galleries, walk-throughs, translations, and analysis of the r Sega Saturn game based on the events of r Utena.
  • We Finally Meet: Shoujo Kakumei Utena - Character analysies for major and minor characters, self-written r fan art r and poetry, and an explanation of r the finale.
  • Blood Soaked and Honor Bound - Humor based with character profiles, humor columns, images, fan pages fan fiction, plot summary, links, mailing list archives, fan pages song parodies, and voting.
  • This Rose is Our Destiny - Fan site for the movie with a character revolutionary girl utena r pages, an image gallery, and a few midi revolutionary girl utena r and MP3 downloads.
  • Crypt of the Black Roses - Informative and analytical site concerning the Black Rose saga. Includes r analysis of each of the duelists and their motivations.
  • Mako Chan's Shoujo Kakumei Utena - Characters, images, AVI and MP3 files.
  • Bachelorette - Includes basic story and character information, and manga, revolutionary girl utena r anime, movie, and doujinshi images.
  • Cantarella Cookie - English translations of songs from Shoujo Kakumei Utena, fan pages organized by soundtrack volume.
  • Heaven's Shoujo Kakumei Utena Shrine - Informative site dedicated to the movie, with scripts, fan pages midis, revolutionary girl utena downloads, seiyuu information, and image galleries.
  • Utena Fanatic - Includes information and many scans from the various fan pages Utena artbooks and manga.
  • Bara no Unmei - Adolescence Mokushiroku - A site devoted to the movie, with character information, analysis, revolutionary girl utena galleries, and links.
  • Take My Revolution - Contains plot explanation, image gallery, icons, and links.
  • Kashira: The Shadow Girls - Analysis of the Shadow Girls\\' plays, episode by episode, in fan pages the Revolutionary Girl Utena anime series.
  • The Dueling Arena - Contains fan fiction and art, shrines to Nanami fan pages and Touga, and other humor.
  • Bara no Kokuin - Manga information and cover scans, soundtrack track listings r and lyrics, fan pages images, character profiles, fan club, and r chat.
  • Revolutionary Ideals - Card game for download and character profiles.
  • User Friendly Revolution - Fan site with character summaries and many large fan pages image r galleries.
  • Kurobara Hen - The Black Rose Saga - Information on the events and characters of the revolutionary girl utena Black Rose saga. Includes transcribed episode scripts, character revolutionary girl utena monologues and analysis, seiyuu information, and duel lyrics revolutionary girl utena and action summaries.
  • Jenni's Revolutionary Girl Utena Page - Series summary site broken down by saga. Spoilers are marked.
  • Rinbu Academy - Series introduction and character information, images, song lyrics, fan pages multimedia, revolutionary girl utena and links.

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