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A Yahoo-based RPG which has been recently restarted. Contains new and existing characters, including a group of duelists who seek harmony and oppose revolution.

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See Also:
  • Utena RPG - New, very active, Yahoo-based RPG created in Jun roleplaying 2002. Nine roleplaying members, open characters.
  • Virtual Star Hasseigaku - A Yahoo-based RPG set 30 years before the events of the series, involving the aftermath of the destruction of the Seminar Hall (Nemuro Memorial Hall). Begun June 2002.
  • The Revolutionary RPG - Accepts both original and non-original characters, text based.
  • Ravaged Innocence - A journal-based Utena game (with interaction also done r over AIM) taking place after the Black Rose r Saga.
  • Rose of the Noble Castle - Active, Yahoo-based crossover RPG with characters from both roleplaying Revolutionary Girl revolutionary girl utena Utena and Sailor Moon.
  • The Utena OVAs - An active, Yahoo based, RPG continuing events after revolutionary girl utena revolutionary girl utena the series finale.
  • A School of Thorns - Yahoo-based RPG focusing on Ohtori Academy and its students as revolutionary girl utena a whole.
  • Utena's Just a Bunch of Symbolic Rubbish - A humor/parody RPG presented in weblog format.
  • The Utena RPG - Yahoo-based RPG. Open membership, but private archives.
  • Tainted Innocence - An Utena RPG taking place before the Black r Rose Arc. roleplaying Facilitated by Yahoo Groups.
  • To Bring the World Revolution - A Yahoo-based RPG which has been recently restarted. r Contains new roleplaying and existing characters, including a group r of duelists who seek roleplaying harmony and oppose revolution.

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