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Kenshin and Tomoe site with character biographies, image galleries, and the webmaster's opinion on why they make a good couple.

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  • The Enishi and Kaoru Project - Fan fiction, manga and doujinshi scans, profiles, reviews, and links.
  • K and K Forever - Shrine to Kaoru and Kenshin, containing music, fan characters works, profiles, rurouni kenshin history, jokes, image galleries, and links.
  • No More Duets For One - Sanosuke and Megumi shrine offering character profiles, an image gallery, characters and an analysis of their relationship.
  • Aichou - Small site dedicated to Aoshi and Misao. Character relationships profiles and image gallery.
  • The Quiet Life of Kenshin and Tomoe - Image gallery, character profiles, author rants, and desktop wallpaper.
  • Intermezzo - A Kenshin and Kaoru Shrine named after the musical piece rurouni kenshin by Pietro Mascagni. Contains fan fiction and fan art, character rurouni kenshin information, opinion pieces, and various multimedia.
  • New Love, True Love - Fanlisting for people who like the Kenshin and Kaoru relationship.
  • Aishiteru - Kenshin and Kaoru site featuring biographical information, images, characters fan art, rurouni kenshin and fan fiction.
  • Heart of Sword and White Plums - Kenshin and Tomoe site containing a large image characters gallery, character characters and seiyuu profiles, and fan art.
  • Starcrossed - Offers biographies, essays, and character profiles for Aoshi Shinomori and characters Misao Makimachi.
  • Rooster And Fox - Online forum dedicated to the relationship of Sanosuke and Megumi.
  • The Aoshi and Misao Shrine - Includes character biographies, fan fiction, and cosplay photos.
  • Silent Romance :: A Bit of Kenshin & Tomoe - Kenshin and Tomoe site with character biographies, image characters galleries, and the webmaster\'s opinion on why they characters make a good couple.
  • Kenshin and Kaoru For Life - Small image gallery, fan art and fan fiction, relationships doujinshi scans, relationships MIDI files, and song lyrics.

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