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Compilation of character names and nicknames for reference purposes and as an aid for fan fiction writers, with a translation key for names and suffixes.

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  • Keyo's Rurouni Kenshin - Features character biographies, brief episode summaries, information on r soundtracks, desktop rurouni kenshin wallpaper, and screen captures.
  • The-OrO - Contains series and character information, manga scans, fanworks, music videos, and a variety of graphics.
  • Rurouni Kenshin Romantation - Detailed episode guides, image gallery, and multimedia including rurouni kenshin desktop wallpapers, AIM icons, and premade webpage layouts.
  • Rurouni Kenshin EX - Features character profiles, music downloads, Nokia ringtones, desktop wallpapers, WinAmp fan pages skins, and music lyrics.
  • Character Name Guide - Compilation of character names and nicknames for reference purposes and as an aid for fan fiction writers, with a translation key for names and suffixes.
  • Leach's Rurouni Kenshin Page - Fan art, image gallery, articles, and links.
  • Rurouni Kenshin - Includes character profiles and image galleries as well as desktop fan pages wallpaper.
  • Devotion - Character and relationship profiles, quotes, humor, and links.
  • Kaoru's Sanctuary - General information, technique list/translations, episode reviews, essays, and r fan works dedicated to the manga/anime series.
  • - General character information, historical background, lots of multimedia, r virtual greeting fan pages cards, forum [Italian/English]
  • Nuriko's Rurouni Kenshin Webpage - Character information, games, lyrics, image gallery, and links.
  • Dojo X - Features character profiles and small image gallaries. Original fan pages desktop wallpaper and winamp skins.
  • The Rurouni Kenshin Encyclopedia - Character profiles, anime and manga galleries, desktop media, music, links, r and story summary.
  • Remembrance - General site featuring video clips, mp3 and midi r files, editorials, and a small image gallery.
  • The Aoiya Restaurant - Episode reviews and commentary, image slideshows, character and r group profiles, fan pages various multimedia, and DVD information.
  • The Battousai Hideout - Contains image galleries, series information, character profiles, and a small r collection of fan works.
  • Radial Keratotamy and Other Philosophical Issues - Insightful essays on the Rurouni Kenshin characters, art, rurouni kenshin and language.
  • The RK Center - Character profiles, images, episode guide, songs, multimedia, wallpaper, rurouni kenshin and fan pages links.
  • EX - Contains series information, images, music and links. Available r in English fan pages and Spanish.
  • Never Stand Too Close to a Naked Rurouni - Humor, music, music reviews, scans, episode summaries, fan r works, and rurouni kenshin links to related sites.
  • Kenshin's Rurouni Resource Center - Character guide, polls, music guide, and art gallery.
  • Rorouni Kenshin : Sword of Truth - Japanese historical summary, story summaries, and image galleries.
  • Oniwabanshuu - Character information, a dictionary of common Japanese terms, MIDI files, fan pages images and links.
  • Nightfall - Offers information on the TV series and OVAs, rurouni kenshin character fan pages profiles, art book scans, movie clips, wallpapers rurouni kenshin and message fan pages boards.
  • Kenshin Village - Character and series information, multimedia downloads, images and rurouni kenshin a fan quiz.
  • A Wanderer's Shrine - Includes character profiles, episode guide, technique and weapons fan pages listed r by character, ringtones, messageboard avatars, image gallery, fan pages and WinAmp r skins.
  • R.K. World - Features character and background information, anime and manga r images, fan r fiction, fan art, wallpapers, and information r on downloading the episodes.
  • Hitokiris Anonymous - News, episode summaries, character profiles, battle guide, relationships, r technique list, commentary, FAQs and links.
  • The Spinning Jacked Up Rurouni Kenshin - Realmedia files, image galleries, and lyrics archive.
  • Let It Burn - Detailed character profiles, quotations, series overview and storylines, r background information, image galleries, wallpaper and fan art.
  • Rurouni Kenshin Shrine - Pictures, biographies, music, sound files, lyrics and translations, r links, linear fan pages notes, fan art, fan fiction, r episode guide, action figures, fan pages costumes.
  • Testament - Character profiles and image galleries, voice actor profiles, episode summaries and reviews, original poetry, fan art, song lyrics, and humor.
  • Kenshin's Laundromat - Smallish site containing character profiles and look-alike list, fan pages an image gallery, fan art, and song lyrics.
  • Dreams of Rurouni Kenshin - Includes, image gallery, music clips, series news, and rurouni kenshin forum.

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