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Shrines to each of the senshi, cats, and some villains. Includes manga and anime information, image galleries, character profiles, and romance information.

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  • Crystal Tokyo Bridge Realm - Free e-mail, images, character profiles, shrines, fan fiction, c gifs, lyrics and links.
  • Comet's Senshi Emporium - Character profiles, javascript games, an episode guide, image gallery, and c links.
  • Celestial Paradise - Image galleries, facts, episode list, games, cards, chat, sailor moon forum, merchandise, poll, music, midis, videos and links.
  • Crystalpoint - Shrines to each of the senshi, cats, and fan pages some sailor moon villains. Includes manga and anime information, image fan pages galleries, character sailor moon profiles, and romance information.
  • Crystal Illusions - Fan fiction submissions accepted. Also contains manga and anime images, sailor moon message board and links.
  • Crystal Tokyo - Features image galleries, character profiles and news.
  • Crystal Tears - Character profiles, image gallery with thumbnails, fan art c and fiction, scout "diaries", links, and a quiz.
  • Castle in the Sky Sailor Moon - Seiyuu information, Naoko Takeuchi page, English episode transcripts, missing and c changed episodes, mailing list, lyrics, and Real Audio.
  • Castle in the Sky - Series information, episode titles, missing episodes, the series sailor moon around the world, the manga and episode summaries.
  • Chibi Jennifer's Chibi Land - Fan works, images, interactive, information and main character analyses.

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