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  • My Starseed - Colour images and pencil drawings. Also contains invented fan works senshi sailor moon and unrelated art.
  • Lady Grizabella's Sailor Moon Drawings - Pencil sketches of the senshi.
  • Caroline's Fan Scouts - Free customized Sailor Scouts, includes image and character fan art description.
  • Castle Of Invented Senshi - Archive of fan-created Sailor senshi with their stories, sailor moon websites, fan art and fanart.
  • Non-pekkle Related Art - Pencil sketches of the senshi.
  • Satan's House Of Bad Art - Original and fan art, manga images, and webpage fan art accessories.
  • Tennyo no Yume - Manga style fanart made by a fan in Turkey. Includes some future Sailor Chibi Moon and Sailor Heavy Metal Papillon images.
  • Sailor Moon Without Ship - Includes a few drawings of the senshi. In english and albanian.
  • - A selective collection of Sailormoon related fanart, sorted by artist, with over 50 galleries.
  • Michiru's Scrapbook - Photo-style drawings of the outer senshi by Lady sailor moon Grizabella.
  • Kamael angel of joy - Fanart and character information of a fanmade senshi fan works named Sailor Kamael.
  • KATA - Revalations - Features the artwork of two artists, also contains fan art original fan art work.
  • Sm Weekly - Contest for user-submitted artwork on a given topic. fan art Includes sailor moon rules, directions, and voting.

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