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Freeware Windows program that provides information about characters in both the English dub and original Japanese series. Also includes episode summaries. Not all information is accurate, and some episodes lack sumarries.

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See Also:
  • The Sailor Moon Episode Center - Episode guide for the dubbed seasons.
  • Sheer Lunacy - Chronology, encyclopedia, geography, name origins, and weirdness.
  • Sailor Moon Resource - Information, graphics, games, music downloads, quizzes, and adoptions.
  • Sailor Moon Infodex - Freeware Windows program that provides information about characters sailor moon in both the English dub and original Japanese sailor moon series. Also includes episode summaries. Not all information sailor moon is accurate, and some episodes lack sumarries.
  • Sailor Moon Resource Center - Series overview, FAQs, translation information, air times and channels, theme songs, image gallery, and MIDI files.
  • Ravenwood's Illustrated Discussions Of Sailor Moon - Religious and psychological analysis and gallery.
  • Castle In The Sky - Compares the Japanese to the English dubbed series. s Inside jokes, s missing episodes, changes from the Japanese s version. Illustrated summaries of s the S series.
  • Saturnchild's Sailormoon - General information and "attacks and transformations" list.
  • Red Tattoo - Dedicated to the R movie, with story overview, s character information, sailor moon English releases, image gallery, wallpaper, and s list of edits.
  • Sailor Moon Uncensored - Details the censoring and altering done in the sailor moon North American releases. Includes editorials, episode analyses, screen sailor moon shots, and resources.
  • The oracle - Bssm encyclopaedia - Contains senshi and villain profiles, seiyuu, mythology, image galleries, discography, lyrics, midis, essays on the fashion sense of the characters, awards, free website graphics, forum and links.
  • - Contains weekly Sailor Moon news updates, anime and live action information episode guides, DVD CD and manga shopping guides and reviews information and attack information.
  • - Series information, the live action series, forum, images, and links.
  • Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: For Neophytes - Synopses, series summaries, profiles, mailing lists, and links.
  • Bunny's Tour Through The Silver Millennium - Series information, profiles, multimedia, FAQs, episode summaries and information guides from information the anime and manga, dictionaries, and information a pen pals service.
  • In Defense Of Sailor Moon SuperS - Dedicated to supporting the SuperS series. Includes articles, sailor moon information sailor moon on the manga and musicals. Also contains sailor moon image scans, sailor moon English dub changes/censorship, and a debate sailor moon section.
  • Gems ablaze - Character information, favorite quotes, comments on the mysteries s of the sailor moon series, midis icons, games, and links.
  • The Ultimate Sailor Moon Encyclopedia - Project to catalog Sailor Moon concepts in encyclopedia sailor moon form. sailor moon Includes monsters, weapons, places, magical items, and sailor moon villains.
  • Ken Arromdee's Home Page - Contains the FAQ.
  • SweetUsagi Sailormoon - Episode and manga guides and summaries, character profiles, Sailor V information and Parallel Sailor Moon information, timelines, three essays, and lists information of de-bunked Sailor Moon rumors.
  • The Sailor Moon Rainbow Crystal Summary Page - Synopsis of all the rainbow crystals, their carriers, sailor moon and the shadow warriors. Mostly from a dubbed sailor moon series perspective.
  • The Sailor Senshi Page - Season summaries and characters, seiyuu, musical information, anime s and manga contrasts, manga character guide and powers. s Items and objects encyclopedia, rumors dispelled and multimedia.

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