Trading Cards Merchandise Sailor Moon Titles

Scans of most Japanese series and all Cardzillion sets. Offers cards and oddball anime goodies. Accepts cards, phonecards, and cels in trade.

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See Also:
  • Luna's Card-o-Rama - Cardzillion, Dart, and Fifth Anniversary cards available for trade or trading cards sale.
  • Podwall's Completed Collections - Scans of most Japanese series and all Cardzillion merchandise sets. Offers trading cards cards and oddball anime goodies. Accepts merchandise cards, phonecards, and cels trading cards in trade.
  • Silver Millenium Trading Shoppe - Trades Carddass, Graffiti, PP, Fifth Anniversary, and North American cards.
  • Level Five Senshi Club - Devoted to trading and answering questions about the merchandise Collectible Card Game series.
  • Sailor Moon - North American cards for trade or sale, including sailor moon all sailor moon Dart Flipcards series, Action Flipz, Series I sailor moon and II sailor moon Stickers, and the CCG. Also has sailor moon scans of packaging.
  • Arabiana's Serenity And Endymion's Romantic Garden - Trades and sells Graffiti, CCG, Cardzillion, and Italian sticker cards.
  • Blue Moon - Scans, information, and pricing guidelines for North American trading cards. Contains extras and wishlist for North American and Japanese series.
  • Yan's Anime Trading Cards - Trades and sells Japanese series. Also carries Ranma trading cards 1/2 trading cards and Fushigi Yugi cards.
  • Chibi PJ's Trading Post - Buys, sells, and trades North American series.
  • Marcel's Sailor Moon Cards - Trades, buys, and sells Dart Archival and CCG trading cards series.
  • Luna's Litterbox - Trades and sells American and Japanese series, with trading cards sample scans of card backs and packaging.
  • Crystal Tokyo's Millennium Mall - Lists Japanese cards for trade. Includes extensive scans sailor moon of obscure series.
  • Sailor Moon Trading Cards - A club devoted to trading, posting want lists, trading cards and sailor moon answering questions.
  • Phone Home Pod - Perhaps the largest Sailor Moon phonecard collection east of the sailor moon Pacific. Organized by manufacturer.
  • Chiba Usagi's Cards - List of wanted and extra Japanese series.
  • The Eternal Shoppe - Card set identification pages and tips for spotting sailor moon fakes. Also trades and sells merchandise.
  • Eternal Senshi of Love - Offers Japanese cards for sale or trade and merchandise links to auctions.
  • Anime Scoop - Sells and trades North American and Japanese series. Also contains trading cards scans of completed sets.
  • Cutiebunny's Sailormoon Card Collection - Features rare scans and information from tradings cards from the merchandise Banpresto, Morinaga and Nissui sets.
  • Princesses Of The Universe Trading Cards - Graffiti, Carddass, Pull Pack, CCG series, and packaging for trade.
  • Sailor Moon Card Gallery - Ring for reference sites displaying scans.
  • Lilian's Anime Site - Scans and lists of wanted series, including Cassette Index, Menko, merchandise Morinaga, and Marumiya.
  • Jay's Sailor Moon Trading Card Page - Lists traders, links, and wanted and spares. Also contains sample trading cards pictures of Japanese series.

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