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Started in 1998 and running for 3 years with over 70 members. Contains information on what the Witches Villa is, a message board, and character descriptions.

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  • Queen Serenity's SailorMoon RPG - Still accepting applications. Site features a message sailor moon board, sailor moon members list, and a calendar.
  • FATE: The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth: A Sailormoon RPG - Pluto has seen a vision of a new roleplaying evil closing, but there is hope. The senshi roleplaying must plunge their hands into the eyesockets of roleplaying the people they swore to protect, and pull roleplaying out a "Fate\\'s Eye". Contains the story, characters roleplaying and rules.
  • Sailor Moon Pegasus Chapter RPG - Members can roleplay and participate in the clubs sailor moon contests.
  • Do It Yourself Sailor Moon RPG - Played with all new characters. Currently accepting enemies and guardians.
  • Puu's Sailor Moon RPG - Now accepting character applications. Besides the Yahoo! yahoo groups club, yahoo groups visitors can also take a link to yahoo groups the separate yahoo groups RPG club web page to learn yahoo groups more about it.
  • Crystal Palace in the Sky - Story based on where the future will lay for the Senshi and plot focus on their children. Uses official and fanmade characters.
  • Sailor Moon Palace in the Sky - A place where all SM fans can rp roleplaying there hearts out. Conveys a freelance plot using roleplaying the already available Senshi and fanmade characters.
  • Sailor Moon Dub RPG - Based on the English Dubbed version of the yahoo groups series. sailor moon Good and evil characters are still open.
  • Senshi And Dragons - Two worlds collide: Sailor Moon meets DBZ with action and sailor moon romance.
  • Bunny's Sailor Moon RPG - A long time running Sailor Moon RPG where roleplaying anything goes. sailor moon Made-ups and regular characters welcome.
  • The Neo Sailor Senshi - Story takes place after Sailor Stars featuring the sailor moon Neo Senshi that protect the 5th dimension. Contains sailor moon rules, character profiles and images.
  • Sailor Moon Powerpuff Girls RPG - Sailor Moon and Powerpuff Girls crossover RPG. Play as either a Sailor Moon or Powerpuff Girls character.
  • The Destiny Of The Moon - Characters, biography template, and rules.
  • The Seekers - Sailor Moon RPG for serious, mature players. There yahoo groups is and will be character death and gore.
  • Princess Kaguya's Sailormoon RPG - Set in the universe of the Sailor Moon sailor moon S movie. Played via the message board.
  • Witches Villia Palace - Started in 1998 and running for 3 years with over sailor moon 70 members. Contains information on what the Witches Villa is, sailor moon a message board, and character descriptions.
  • Sailor Moon Reborn RPG - Eternal Sailors Saturn and Pluto travel to the sailor moon past yahoo groups to reawaken the Sailor Senshi to fight sailor moon the returning yahoo groups evil. Rules, stories, and available characters.
  • Power Of Love RPG - Takes place in the year 4000 with all sailor moon new characters.

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