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  • The Sea of Chaos - Fan art, images, animated GIFs, sounds, and movies. [English and s Korean]
  • Mika Lero's Slayers Page - Images, fan art, fan fiction, multimedia, shrine to fan pages ValGaav slayers and links.
  • The Foyer of Chaos - Image gallery, fan fiction, sound clips (Japanese), character fan pages profiles, slayers links, and madlibs.
  • Slayers Kawaii - Image gallery, manga scans, cosplay, fan works, and humor.
  • Lina's Slayers Aurora - Image gallery, spellbook, MIDI files, sound clips, and s links.
  • QP's Slayers Page - Novel summaries and translations, manga summaries, OAV information, dictionary of fan pages magic terms, fan works, FAQ, and links.
  • Pen's Slayers Page - Fan fiction, manga summaries, image gallery, and links.
  • The XelFan12 Domain - Character biographies, locations, history, spells, song lyrics, MIDI slayers files, fan s works, and articles.
  • Slayers Buffet - Character profiles, episode guide, spell list, and images.
  • Slayers Den - Includes character profiles, media, lyrics, spells, and incantations.
  • Lady Sheira's Slayers Page - Image gallery, links, spell information, fan fiction, and slayers shrine to fan pages Rezo.
  • Triple Portions - Character profiles, fan art, wallpaper, doujinshi scans, and fan pages humor.
  • Nepha of Feli's Slayers Page - Fan art, fan fiction, poetry, poll, couple shrine, s character profiles s and links.
  • Celes Star's Slayers Page - Video game information, ordering information, volume summaries, character slayers profiles, image s galleries sorted by character, and fan slayers fiction.
  • Slayers Uncensored - Character information, episode summaries, lyrics, fan art, links, slayers and interactive s games.
  • Luna Imbaasu's Website of the Slayers - Character profiles and fan fiction.
  • Uriko's Insane About Slayers Asylum - Offers fan fiction, fan art, screen captures, and character profiles.
  • The Psyco Cat-Girl's Slayers Page - Shrines to Zelgadis and Xellos, fan art, fan fiction, and s image gallery.

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