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  • Yahoo! Groups: Vandread - Yahoo club for Vandread fans.
  • Wakachi au Chikara - Vandread - Series information, character guide, and episode guide. [English vandread and German]
  • Vandread Universe - Characters, mecha, multimedia, episodes, and links.
  • Vandread Stages - General information, characters, mechas, terms, music information, merchandise listing, and links.
  • Absolute Vandread Site - Series information, character profiles, an episode guide, multimedia, titles fanworks and vandread downloads.
  • Vandread - White Love - Character profiles, episode guide, images, and information on the seiyuu and production staff.
  • Smile, Smile - Character profiles, episode summaries, video clips, MP3 files, image gallery, and cosplay.
  • Infectious Pexis - Character profiles and images, story information, terms, lines vandread you\\'ll never hear on the show, fan fiction, vandread and links.
  • Yahoo! Groups: VandreadML - A mailing list for discussion of the show, vandread as well vandread as links.

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