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The satirical cartoon hero fighting the forces of modern rudeness..only one problem, Mr Nice doesn't "get it".

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See Also:
  • Mr Nice Cartoons - The satirical cartoon hero fighting the forces of modern rudeness..only amateur one problem, Mr Nice doesn\'t "get it".
  • The Hood - Features include Private Eye Back, The Crash and X Flies. Download Flash.
  • Stick Torture - A collection of Flash animations featuring stickmen. Most animation of them containing violence.
  • Dilosh's Comic Characters - Original Comic Characters created by dilosh. Mi and amateur Yav, Gobibo Jungle, North, Paytak, Tombull and Captain amateur Drek are some of the favourite comics. And amateur lots of flash animations and disney like drawings.
  • Covenant Animation - Features the Outa Luck guys, Count Dashula and web America\\'s Domestic Diva. Flash, musical and sound effects web work by Michael Simmons.
  • Blackmaze Productions - Offers galleries of Flash movies and games, emoticons and wallpaper downloads, and artwork. Contains violence.
  • Rooster tales - Cartoons about history and culture.
  • Cyber Virtual Worlds - Features 2D and 3D Flash films and animated amateur strips.
  • TomAdroit - A catalogue of animated cartoons, live action and concept photos.
  • H2K Genesis - Series of animations modeled after the creator's dog.
  • Matt - Features original Flash cartoons about priests and stick web figures.
  • Sketchy Animation - An eclectic and irreverent collection of animations.
  • Lilredhead Comics - Offers the mis-adventures of Mr. Binkee, Bubba, and web Captain Pakaday.
  • Lazy Cat Animations - Ten lazy cat animations created by DiniSink.

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