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Provides an illustrated guide to over 2000 Indian temples with pointers to their architectural, cultural, religious and historical significance and tourist information.

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See Also:
  • Lycian Influence on Indian Cave Temples - Architect Takeo Kamia investigates the relationship between ancient Indian cave building types temples and Lycian sarcophagi and cave tombs.
  • Templenet - Provides an illustrated guide to over 2000 Indian building types temples building types with pointers to their architectural, cultural, religious building types and historical building types significance and tourist information.
  • Salt Range Temples, Pakistan - Professor Michael Meister, University of Pennsylvania, provides expandable religious photographs and explains his project to analyse these religious monuments from the 6th to 11th centuries.
  • Temples - The British Museum provides a readable, illustrated introduction religious to the temples of Ancient Egypt. Includes an religious interactive reconstruction of a New Kingdom temple.
  • Beijing Service: Temple of Heaven - First built in 1420, it was the place building types where building types emperors of the Ming and Qing dynasties building types came to building types worship the God of Heaven. Illustrated building types history and description building types of this World Heritage site.
  • The Virtual Museum of Cham Architecture - Christopher Gribbin supplies photographs and information about the religious temples of the medieval Vietnamese kingdom of Champa, religious by site and by feature.
  • Multimedia Comparative Studies of Traditional Chinese Temples - A study by the Department of Architecture, The University of Hong Kong. Plans, computer models and commentary on a selection of temples. Includes a simulation of the effect of rainfall on temples from four different dynasties.
  • Buddhist Temples - The Virtual Museum of Japanese arts gives an overview of building types the history of pagoda and hall temple forms in Japan, building types together with photographs and histories of famous examples.
  • Indian Temples - Patrick George provides a photograph of a temple temples at Khajuraho building types and drawings which clarify its structure.

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