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Aleksandra Kasuba explains how to install curved fabric structures (under tension) in environmental and architectural projects. Examples of her installations. Biography, bibliography.

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  • Diaphan Architectural - Sabine von Fischer explores space in material and architecture thought, in arts the form of drawings and texts architecture – from concept and arts criticism to construction. Projects architecture focus on sensorial and invisible boundaries arts such as architecture "sonic barriers", and on completely collaps
  • The Steel Research House - An experiment in modern house design using light arts steel framing experimental at the University of Nottingham, UK. arts Context, project outline and experimental progress. Feedback form for arts comments.
  • Mas Yendo Experimental Projects - The Japanese architect describes and illustrates his wide arts range of arts experimental works. Includes biography and some arts of his writings.
  • Design Museum: Archigram / Architects (1961-1974) - Formed by a group of young London architects, Archigram magazine dominated the architectural avant garde in the 1960s with its playful, pop-inspired visions of a technocratic future. Exhibition at the Design Museum, London.
  • Just-In-Time Infrastructure Prototype - Igor Kebelour presents a concept of domestic, working, arts public and mobile institutions merged into one. Includes arts model, analysis and discussion.
  • Symphonic House - A resonant house built on a Lake Michigan architecture beach as architecture a joint experiment between David Hanawalt, architecture architect, and Bill Close, architecture sonic installation artist. Includes architecture photographs and video with music.
  • Dynamic Architecture - David Fisher presents his design for a rotating arts tower in Dubai. Between its independently rotating floors arts are wind turbines, generate electric energy for itself arts as well as for other buildings. Includes description, arts video and press articles.
  • Pouchulu Architects - Argentinian architect and academic Patricio Pouchulu displays his architecture portfolio of architecture futuristic designs, including those for major architecture competitions.
  • Research Institute for Experimental Architecture - A non-profit institution with the purpose of advancing architecture experimentation and research in the field of architecture, architecture based in Bern, Switzerland, and New York City, architecture US. Biographies of Lebbeus Woods and Guy Lafranchi, architecture news and publications.
  • Architects Design in Cyberspace - Illustrated article by Alfredo Andia and Claudia Busch experimental on the designs by New York based architectural experimental firm Asymptote on a virtual New York experimental Stock Exchange.
  • Zomes Concept - Creating homes from a harmonious family of geometric arts forms. Includes arts definitions, symbolism, images, and construction.
  • Electronic Democracy Spaces - University diploma project on two parallel networks (physical experimental and digital) architecture that host and encourage political participation. experimental Dimitris Papadopoulos and Iannis architecture Orfanos.
  • Curvilinear Surfaces - Aleksandra Kasuba explains how to install curved fabric structures (under tension) in environmental and architectural projects. Examples of her installations. Biography, bibliography.
  • Decodeine - Margot Kasojevik presents dynamics, simulation and animation design processes in architecture architecture. Includes animations.
  • Emergent - Tom Wiscombe researches issues of globalism, technology, and materiality through arts built form. Projects and publications on experimental architecture of complex arts geometry, informed by contemporary models of biology and business.
  • Tent Design - Russian architect Anvar Khairoylline enthuses about the possibilities architecture of tent arts structures. His profile, illustrated summary of architecture his thesis and examples arts of projects using the architecture principles of tent construction.
  • The Translucent House - A prototype by Alfons Soldevila. Photograph parades show arts the building experimental process from design to finish, and arts other buildings using translucence. experimental A detailed description and arts theoretical background.
  • Copenhagen Substitute - An interactive tour of Utopian designs by various experimental architects. Devised experimental by Dellbruegge and de Molls, it experimental formed part of the experimental exhibition "models of resistance" experimental in Copenhagen May/June 2000.
  • Archi Libre - Takes a look at vernacular and self-educated strands in architecture. arts Materials and techniques, fantastic architecture, domes, and zomes. [French, English, arts Spanish]

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