Alexander, Christopher Famous Names Architecture

A review of Christopher Alexander's major texts, interspersed with remarks about the architect's methodological and pragmatic concerns and software design. By Doug Lea.

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  • A Generative Sequence for Building a Residential College - Applying Alexander\\'s ideas on architectural patterns and sequences alexander, christopher to the creation of strong academic and social alexander, christopher communities within large universities.
  • Pattern Language - Official web site of the architect. Attempts to a put his famous names theory into practice via the web, a users can design buildings famous names online using Alexander\\'s principles. a Extensive excerpts from the architect\'s texts famous names and reviews.
  • An Introduction for Object-Oriented Designers - A review of Christopher Alexander\\'s major texts, interspersed with remarks alexander, christopher about the architect\\'s methodological and pragmatic concerns and software design. alexander, christopher By Doug Lea.
  • Alexander, Christopher - Dr. Nikos A. Salingaros provides a biography of the Professor famous names of Architecture at the University of California at Berkeley, with famous names a list of his major publications and sources for his famous names buildings.
  • The Nature of Order - Official site of Christopher Alexander\\'s four-volume series, "The Nature of Order".
  • A Pattern Language - Summary of a book by Christopher Alexander, Sara alexander, christopher Ishikawa, alexander, christopher and Murray Silverstein on the language which alexander, christopher defines a alexander, christopher town or community.

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