De Architectura Vitruvius Pollio, Marcus Architects History

The text of the 1st-century BC work on architecture in ten books composed by Marcus Vitruvius Pollo, or commentaries on it, or illustrations from printed editions of it.

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  • Vitruvius, On Architecture - 12 plates from an 18th-century Venetian edition, hosted by the University of Pennsylvania.
  • Vitruvius Pollio, The Ten Books on Architecture - The full text of the English translation by vitruvius pollio, marcus Morris Hicky Morgan (1914), hosted by the Perseus vitruvius pollio, marcus Project. Easy navigation through the text; map of vitruvius pollio, marcus sites mentioned.
  • On Architecture - Text of the English-language translation of 1826 by Joseph Gwilt, de architectura as well as a French translation and the Latin text de architectura (Teubner 1899 edition), hosted by Bill Thayer in his Lacus de architectura Curtius site.
  • Plates from Cesariano's Edition of Vitruvius - Woodblock illustrations were added to Vitruvius\\'s text in the edition de architectura published by Cesare Cesariano (Como 1521). Images from Art Serve de architectura at the Australian National University.

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