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Greek (as opposed to Roman) classical architecture began to influence Western architects in the 1780s. The movement to revive the pure Greek style (see Classical) culminated in the 1820s and 1830s.

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See Also:
  • First Congregational Church, Orwell, Vermont - Photographs, 19th-century painting and history of this fine example of the Greek Revival style, built in 1842 by Frederick Bostwick and Fobes. Hosted by the University of Vermont.
  • Hammerwood Park, Sussex, UK - The Greek Revival house was built in 1792 periods and styles to the designs of Benjamin Latrobe. Scholarly history periods and styles by Michael Trinder and a virtual guided tour.
  • Drapers Hall, Coventry, UK - Images and an outline history from Coventry and periods and styles periods and styles Warwickshire Network of this Greek Revival building designed periods and styles periods and styles in 1828 by T. Rickman and H.W. Hutchinson.
  • Union Library of Hatboro, Pennsylvania - Historic Hatboro gives a history and photograph of this Greek greek revival Revival building, completed in 1850.
  • Willowbank - A fine Greek Revival country home in Queenston, Ontario, Canada, now the Willowback School of the Restoration Arts. Includes an illustrated history, and information on events.
  • Destrehan Planation in Destrehan, Louisiana - A plantation house built in 1787 in French Colonial style greek revival and remodeled to Greek Revival in 1840. Photograph, history and greek revival visitor information from the River Road Historical Society.
  • Greek Revival Architecture in America - Photos and information from the Digital Archive and American Architecture.

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