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Information about tattoos, henna paste ingredients, aftercare, and how henna works on the skin. Includes a brief history and merchandise.

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The Henna Page* - A page devoted to the practicalities of using henna for body decoration. Application instructions, links, message forum for henna artists and those just learning the art of mehndi.

  • Body Art Central - History, instructions, designs, recipes, image gallery, articles, albums bodypainting and forum.
  • The Art Of Henna - Description of the art and answers to commonly mehndi asked question. bodyart Also contains a small image mehndi gallery, links, and contact bodyart information.
  • Mehndi Designs at ShadiCenter - Small selection of images for download.
  • Bindi - Information about tattoos, henna paste ingredients, aftercare, and mehndi how henna mehndi works on the skin. Includes a mehndi brief history and merchandise.
  • Henna Tattooing - Background and historical information on this ancient art. Recipes and methods of application, tips to getting a good stain, and an artist directory.
  • Henna Expressions - Supplies, information, designs, background details, and body care bodypainting items.
  • International Certification For Natural Henna Artists - Volunteer peer assessment for Henna Artists. Tests and certifies a henna artist’s understanding of the fundamental principles of henna, skin, hygiene, safety, culture and traditions.
  • Mehndi - Information regarding how long the stain will last after application mehndi and a description of what it is like to have mehndi henna body art done.
  • The Art of Mehndi - Includes an informative tutorial, photo and design galleries, bodyart supplier listings, bodypainting henna books, and a comprehensive international bodyart listing of henna artists.
  • Mazaya Sharkiyya - Recipes, image gallery, events listing, and related links mehndi section.
  • Henna Mehndi - Features a discussion on the body decoration practices in India bodypainting and Arabic cultures. Open to questions and the sharing bodypainting of knowledge. Membership information.
  • Henna Caravan - FAQ section, application techniques, image gallery, and black henna information.
  • Hindustanlink - Mehandi - Designs for the hands and feet. Artwork submissions bodyart accepted.
  • Hennagalerie - Five galleries of designs with periodic updates.
  • How to Grow Henna - A guide for the home cultivation of Lawsonia bodyart Inermis and a photo gallery.
  • Magical Mehendi - Paste recipes, photo gallery, before and after pictures of henna application.
  • Mehndi Man - Image gallery and henna application information.
  • Lawsonia and Company - Usage information, a fact sheets regarding the processing of henna leaves, a color chart for using on hair, design gallery, and information on the use and advantages of lawsonia inermis.
  • Mehndi Designs - Images available for download and a message board.
  • Henna Art - Application instructions, design ideas, and answers to commonly asked questions. mehndi Also offers henna paste and a small image gallery.

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