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Offers image galleries, meanings of popular tattoo designs and symbols, lists of celebrity tattoos, historical information and contests. Explores tribal tattooing in different cultures around the world.

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See Also:
  • Yahoo Groups: My Tattoo Shop - For all interested in permanent body art. Membership bodyart information and description of group.
  • Triangle Tattoo and Museum - Located in Fort Bragg, California, and dedicated to bodyart the display arts of tattoo artifacts.
  • Tatdude - Community providing information for artists and patrons. Features studio listings, chat rooms, a help wanted section, flash shop, and web ring information.
  • - Art by Albert Jeffers. Original flash, links, an image gallery, and frequently asked questions. Also contains machines for sale, instructions on ink making, cleaning, and sterilization.
  • Starlight Tattoo - Gallery of designs, calendar of events, and a bodyart FAQ section. arts Also provides inks and supplies, bodyart as well as information arts about artists' legal defense.
  • The Tattoo Convention Calendar - Features a \\'Top 50\\' list of events, detailed information on various events with photographs, reviews, and jury details. Available in English and German.
  • Horitaka - An apprentice of Horiyoshi III. Images, links, and writings.
  • Everything about all tattoos - Galleries of tattoos which are explained and commented. All kind bodyart of tattoos are represented. A Web ring exists, and the bodyart meanings of all common tattoos are explained.
  • Religious Tattoos - Information on the Judeo-Christian bodyart history and contemporary expressions. Image galleries, links, and a bible support section.
  • The Amsterdam Tattoo Museum - Virtual tour with images of flash and machines from around arts the world.
  • Japan Tattoo Art - Images, artwork, equipment information, artist and studio listing arts and links. [Japanese and English]
  • Celebrity Tattoos - Descriptions and photos of tattoos worn by historical bodyart figures and tattoo modern day celebrities.
  • The Tattoo Baby Doll Project - An exhibition of work by Sherri Wood in tattoo collaboration with bodyart various artists. Includes an image tattoo gallery of adorned dolls, bodyart background information on the tattoo project and a description of its bodyart goals.
  • Horimono: The Japanese Tattoo - The culture, significance, and history of traditional Japanese tattoos. tattoo Includes translations of Japanese work and designs by the author.
  • Artelino: The Magic of Art - Introduction and background on Japanese tattoo art with reference to tattoo tattoo images in Japanese prints.
  • Tattoo - Studio directory, convention listings, FAQ, general piercing information, supplier list, bodyart book reviews, and an image gallery.
  • Barnadreams - Solar tattoos that can be applied temporarily leaving a design tattoo after sunbathing. Contact information and an image gallery.
  • Vanishing Tattoo, The - Offers image galleries, meanings of popular tattoo designs and symbols, arts lists of celebrity tattoos, historical information and contests. Explores tribal arts tattooing in different cultures around the world.
  • Ink Brothers - Information on the progress of this site in arts the making. bodyart Future plans are included as well arts as contact details.
  • Tattoodles - Custom artwork from various artists. Free tour, membership information, tattoo and a chat forum.

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