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Comic strip featuring animals working in a high tech office. Computer geek humor and cute animals. By Drake Emko and Jen Brodzik.

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  • H. D. Alters Cartoon Art Gallery - Features Hapless Harold, a tramp whom finds religion.
  • Hotendotey - Archive of 100 strips that ran for over 4 years in Towson University\\'s Towerlight, the largest circulated student weekly on the east coast. Some adult humor.
  • - Official site of the original. Features art, album, gallery, and figurines. Created by Dave Gonzales.
  • Hot Water ! - A site dedicated to web comics. By comic strips and panels Antonio Etayo.
  • The Hobnobbers - The ongoing story of a dysfunctional family including comic strips and comics panels a bulemic sister, an undead superhero brother, and comic strips comics and panels a plastic surgery-obsessed mother.
  • H. T. Cow's Comics - Adventure strip by Winter Arcana, Danny Donnovan, and Daniel C. comics White.
  • Hagen Cartoons - Features the cartoon "It\'s a Jungle Out There". comics Includes archives.
  • Hedgehog Games - Features two web comics; one drawn, and one h with photos of action figures. By Jeff Coney.
  • History Can Be Fun - A quartet of aliens as they explore time comic strips and h panels travel and college life.
  • Hounds Home - An original humor comic strip.
  • Hell Sweet Hell - Comic about Satan\'s life. Includes an archive and character profiles.
  • Hatbag - About friendship, life, love and growing up.
  • House On Fire - Features a comic strip gallery and a collection h of Flash h animations.
  • Hey Harry - A uniquely humorous twist on life for all h ages young comics to adult. By Thomas Ebert.
  • Half The Deck - A collection of original cartoons by Mary Dunne. Features the comic strips and panels work of other artists, and funny pictures and jokes.
  • Hypercombofinish - Home of gaming enthusiast Chris Maguire. Also features h reviews and comic strips and panels satirical articles and how games relate h to the world at comic strips and panels large.
  • Hell Comics - An angel, a demon and the rest of the dwellers - the anarchy of the after-life. By Rafi Rainshtein.
  • Happy Shadows Press - The home of exotic and provocative artwork. There are two violent and strange web cartoons, an art gallery, and sketches.
  • Hippy and Pop - Starring baby boomer, Alan Mcklusky and his cranky h father, Eugene, comic strips and panels who has just moved in. Satirizes h the "sandwich" generation and comic strips and panels complicated family relationships.
  • Housebroken - The adventures of former rap star pit bull comics DJ Dog. h With strip archive, character bios comics and behind the scenes h info. By Steve comics Watkins.
  • Hydrants & Hairballs - Cats and dogs tell the story but comic strips and panels please don\\'t call it pet humor comic strips and panels because pets can't read.
  • Hidden Glade - Absurdly philosophical, abstractly metaphorical, weekly fantasy web-based comic strip. By comics John William Harris.
  • - Features two series, Knight and Day and The Inquiring Minds, h by John Steventon. Includes contact information and a message board.
  • Hans - Follows the adventures of a dense boy. By John Moore.
  • Haylar the Hapless Goblin - A collection for the easily amused.
  • - Features the absurd humour and veiled political criticism comic strips and h panels of GutterWidth, the fictional events of HP Sauce comic strips h and panels and other series. By Ryan Hill.
  • Haha Videogames - A site that parodies popular videogames for old comic strips and panels systems.
  • Heroe the Foster Child - The characters, the strips, and all about. Weekly.
  • Hairbutt the Hippo - The cult Australian comic strip about the private comic strips and h panels eye. By Jason Paulos and Bodine Amerikah for comic strips h and panels Rat Race Comix and MAD Magazine Australia.
  • Herd Thinners Incorporated - Features the series "Kevin and Kell", organized by daily, weekly h and an index. Includes a weblog with the artist's comments.
  • Hog & Mrs. P - Comic panel about sex, relationships, and married life. comic strips and panels "Stop nagging me WOMAN!"
  • Her! Girl vs Pig - Girl and pig in violent situations. Includes past h strips and cast of characters.
  • Hackles - Comic strip featuring animals working in a high tech office. comic strips and panels Computer geek humor and cute animals. By Drake Emko and comic strips and panels Jen Brodzik.
  • Herb & Jamaal - The official site includes daily comics, games, a comics fan forum, comics a history of the strip, and comics character biographies.
  • Hard Underbelly - Tristan Davis\' serialized story about vampires and other assorted creatures.

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