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A weekly about the funny side of school life. Suitable for teachers, educators and everyone who loves kids. By Rod Maclean

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  • Josh Comics - A mix of slapstick comedy and strange humor.
  • June Comics by Bill Alger - A little girl saying adultish things - includes archives.
  • Juris - Humor strips about the legal profession, by Reinhard Caliebe and Bob Pladek. Also available in an e-book format for PDAs.
  • Jasky Interregnum - A portfolio of cartoons. Includes illustrations and a bio.
  • Jane's World Comics - Both humorous and slice-of-life comic strip By Paige Braddock.
  • Jeremy - The ongoing adventures of Dr. Frankenstein\\'s youngest son. j Created by j Jon Morris.
  • Journey into History - Daily web-comic and weblog combination along with more j occasional commentary on current events, technology and the j state of comics.
  • Jaded Chaos - Humor strip by Kayzi and Dev, about Kayzi comic strips and panels and Dev, two roommates whose lives revolve around comic strips and panels computers and TV.
  • Jump Start - Robb Armstrong\\'s strip about a married couple and their young comics kids.
  • Journal of a Mad I.T. Guy - A log of the continuing adventures of a comics Computer tech that has been pushed too far. comics Computer generated comic strip by Mike McDade.
  • The Joke's on You - Daily cartoons and caption competitions by Phil Ryder comics and you.
  • Jackson Beaver - Archive of strips about a cigar-smoking Canadian semiaquatic rodent. By Randy Mc.
  • The Jet Pack Pets - Official page of the Disney Adventures Magazine strip.
  • Jesus and Mo - Humorous adventures of Jesus and Mo.
  • The Journeymen - A comic parody of superhero comics and TV shows.
  • - A gallerie of cartoons and search by descriptions. By James True.
  • Just Kidding - A weekly about the funny side of school life. Suitable j for teachers, educators and everyone who loves kids. By Rod j Maclean
  • Joey Future Rocket Scientist - Single panels about Joey and some dim-witted antics.
  • Jawtoons - J. Alan Wall\\'s original cartoons, starring Bob Batts comics and Fat j Gene as well as religious and comics holiday cartoon pages.
  • The Journal Comic - Comics by Drew Weing. A journal in comic strip form.
  • Japanese Beetle - Episodes of superhero humor comic by Dave and comics Chris White.

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