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Two innocents demonstrate the meaning of love; created by Kim Casali, now drawn by Stefano Casali. 90-day archive of current comics, bulletin board, and merchandise.

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  • Love-Kitty - A thrice weekly comic about the travails of l an alcoholic cat. Features include the weekly column l "Bad Munky Sez" and downloads.
  • The Lil World of Meekerz - Tri-weekly anime-themed cartoon by Mika See.
  • Lost Pigeon Comics - Comics for those with a slightly abnormal sense comics of humor.
  • Lore Brand Comics - Entropy and irony live together in perfect harmony.
  • Lukebooks - Home of "Bob\\'s", "Stuff", "Just Suppose" and "Good Vibrations". From an underground base in N.Ireland.
  • Ludvík Lundi the Puffin from Lundavík - Funny cartoons about puffins from the Faroe Islands. l The text is in English and Faroese.
  • Lemun Drops - Family oriented online comic strip about Todd, Chig l and Nikolai.
  • Lil Pengy - Stars a penguin and his animal pals. Focuses l on current events and popular culture.
  • Lamb In Command - The story of one sheep\\'s attempt to fleece l the world and rise above the flock.
  • Lethal Doses - A comic about insanity, games and complete disregard l of reality.
  • Loose Parts - 90-day archive of current panel comics, a bulletin board for l fans, and merchandise.
  • Larson, Ken - Alternative cartoonist's bizarre, minimalist cartoons.
  • Laughing Sheep Crying Cow - The travels of a happy sheep, a very unhappy cow comics and their friends.
  • - Home to Marky and Vector, The Garden, Spore comics Wars, Spaceguy l and other humorous endeavors. By Alan comics Berman.
  • The Loop - Contains comics of a humorous nature with spoofs l of videogames comics and commercials.
  • The Lunar Antics - Funny cartoons where the inhabitants of the moon hang out comic strips and panels here on Earth. But don\\'t let them steal the comic strips and panels show because it\'s really about us Earthlings.
  • Llamantations - A collection of Christian cartoons featuring characters from l the bible. Created by Barry Sellers.
  • Life in the Trap - Golf cartoons about the sport\\'s invasion on the comics rest of comic strips and panels your life. By Rick Newell.
  • Lead Salad - Featuring the attractive Monica Furious and a high comics consumption of bullets.
  • Liquid Medication - A comic that does what it wants. The comic strips and comic strips and panels panels star is Andy who is powered, of course, comic strips comic strips and panels and panels by liquid medication.
  • John Leech Archive - Contains more than 600 cartoon sketches from Punch 1841-1860.
  • Legend Knights - A fantasy epic comic drama about some boys comics ending up l in another world for a great comics purpose - but nobody l knows what it is.
  • Legends of the Galaxy War - Epic science fiction strip set in the far future, in comic strips and panels a universe on the brink of change.
  • Ledgermain - A weekly series rooted in fantasy role playing, l anime and comic strips and panels geek humor.
  • Life Is Random - Chronicles the misadventures of Larry.
  • Load World - Features an archive of strips, character profiles and artist information.
  • The Link Archives - Archived online adventure and humor strips by Brian comic strips and l panels Linkletter, including Jack Scorpio, Mountie Max and Mr. comic strips l and panels Jones.
  • Little Gamers - About a boy who is into computer gaming comic strips and panels and his friends. Polls, forums, and archives.
  • London's Times Cartoons - Features weekly updates, an archive, reviews and licensing l information. Search comics by category includes animals, business, cats, l computers, food, and famous comics people.
  • Lockhorns - The official homepage for Bill Hoest\\'s creations, Leroy and Loretta comics Lockhorn. At present Bunny Hoest and John Reiner chronicle the comics trials and tribulations of this classic couple.
  • Liberty Meadows - Comic strip by Frank Cho featuring the lovely Brandy.
  • Lethargic Lad - Crime fighter who uses all the advantages that lethargy has l to offer. By Greg Hyland.
  • Lard Pirates: The Comic - Follow the adventures of Captain Flapjack and his band of comics Lard Pirates including voodoo curses, pirate magic and sailing airboats.
  • Laughing Iron - Fantasy cartoon where the heroes are clowns. Includes l an archive.
  • Love Is... - Two innocents demonstrate the meaning of love; created l by Kim comic strips and panels Casali, now drawn by Stefano Casali. l 90-day archive of comic strips and panels current comics, bulletin board, l and merchandise.
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