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Comic strip about the Internet and hi-tech business in general. By Illiad. Includes wallpaper and startup screens to download, character profiles and an archive.

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  • Urban Dragons - Ever wonder what happened to dragons? They\\'re u still around; comics only they\\'ve adapted to living in u a crowded world. By comics C. S. McDonald and u Sandy Turner.
  • Unspeakable Vault - A series based on H.P. Lovecraft's work.
  • UnEmployed - Follows the lives of two unemployed roommates and their hard-working comic strips and panels neighbor. By Matt Steen.
  • Ultra Comicz - A bunch of sprite comics, intended to entertain, comic strips and comic strips and panels panels parody, and show the author\\'s views of the comic strips comic strips and panels and panels world.
  • Ubigod's Hurricane - Tales and travels of an existential beat superhero u and his u ex-roommates.
  • Ultimate Boring Comics - Uneventful, repetitive comics with computer art.
  • Untitled Again - The story of a college art student who discovers that whatever he draws, comes to life. By Paul Roustan.
  • Ugly Hill - Organized by date and storylines. By Paul Southworth.
  • User Friendly - Comic strip about the Internet and hi-tech business comics in general. comic strips and panels By Illiad. Includes wallpaper and startup comics screens to download, character comic strips and panels profiles and an archive.
  • Underworld - Weekly humor strip by Kaz, about sordid doings in a surreal city.
  • Unripe - A funny web cartoon that gives a nod to the u humor inherent in a complex age.
  • The Underground - Online comic strip by Jeff Russell and Matt Green, about the writers of an unofficial high-school newspaper.

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