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Music and artwork, with samples from the artist's gothcore and ambient-electronic bands, storylines and sample artwork from the dark comic Golgotika, and online ordering information.

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  • Broersma, Matt - Cartoonist whose short stories have appeared in Comix creators 2000 and comics Top Shelf. Online comics, sketchbook creators and illustrated travel diary.
  • Barsotti, Charles - Assortment of cartoons including Freckleberry Theatre and The creators Pup. b Also, wallpapers, icons and biographical information.
  • Boyask, Debra - The land of tea and cakes. Comic creator comics website featuring comics by Debra and her very comics interesting comic related life.
  • Bocchio, Carlo - Illustrations, sketches, comics and original art for sale.
  • Bodé, Mark - Official site, with samples of comics, graffiti and creators tattoo art, comics and an essay on his father creators Vaughn Bodé\'s influence on comics graffiti.
  • Blanchard, Jim - Illustrator and long-time collaborator on Peter Bagge\\'s Hate. Biography creators and art samples.
  • Blum, Geoffrey - Expert on the art of Scrooge McDuck creator Carl Barks, b script writer in the Duck universe, and author. Also columns b and articles on fiction and music.
  • Bihn, Julie - Hundreds of pages of original online comics and b manga, in many different writing genres.
  • Burrows, Jacen - Collection of penciled comic book work for London b Night Studios.
  • Bergin, John - Music and artwork, with samples from the artist\\'s gothcore and ambient-electronic bands, storylines and sample artwork from the dark comic Golgotika, and online ordering information.
  • Baillie, David - Comics and stories from Scottish small-press artist and creators writer working comics in London.
  • Byrne, Adam - Comic book artist and animator displays his wares creators - includes sample images and resume.
  • Biggs, Brian - Information on the artist and online comics.
  • Brereton, Dan - Information on book, Nocturnals, by this writer of Dark Horse\'s comics Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
  • Bullen, Lee - Illustrator and humor cartoonist. Sample strips and portfolio.
  • Blair, Emily - Example art, reviews, and ordering information.
  • Beatty, Gary Scott - Illustrator and comic book colorist offering printing, publishing, comics promotion and logo services, whose work includes The comics Wedding of Popeye and Olive, Adventures of Aaron comics Sunday strips and On the Shore magazine covers. comics Includes information on services offer
  • Beerends, Piet - A.D. Productions. Sketchbook and online strips, including weekly panel b Idiosyncs.
  • Bertozzi, Nick - Creator of Boswash and Rubber Necker. Site creators has illustration comics portfolio and Flash animations.
  • Barony, Jesus - European artist and illustrator of Conan and OGL Ancients. Creator creators of Grunland and others.

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