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Pairs or groups of comics creators who produce work together.

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  • Trilogy Tour - Information on artists Mark Crilley, Linda Medley, Stan Sakai, Jeff comics Smith, Jill Thompson and Charles Vess, merchandise and news.
  • Jeff and Jeeb - Humor strips about punk rock, stand-up comedy, and other areas comics of show business, by two British musicians.
  • Artizans - Online syndicate for businesses in need of illustration. comics Includes download creators zone, search, store, account and help.
  • Shadow Tactics - The comic book artwork of Jacob Elijah and Noel Jacob.
  • Gravitywell - Provides online comic books, strips and pinups.
  • Foglio, Kaja and Phil - Studio Foglio. Includes information on their books and collaborators "Magic the Gathering", proofs and originals for sale.
  • Rex, Jason, Dick Troutman, and Jim Rugg - Aweful Books. Creators of comic books Street Angel, Outfitters, Gypsy Lounge, The Aweful Science Fair, and Lunar Cadaver.
  • Lost Comics Tribe - Comic strip cartoonists Marcel Ruijters, Chris Crielaard, Mike Diana, Jakob Klemencic and Matthias Lehmann. They have an exposition at the Bonnefanten Museum in Maastricht, the Netherlands.
  • Lockblok - Art and animation.[Requires Flash]
  • Giddings, Stuart, and David Hailwood - Pure Crass. Home of British small-press comics artist (Giddings) and writer (Hailwood). Contains strips, scripts and information on The Temple comics APA.

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