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Official home site. Includes samples of her illustrations and comics (including "I Was Seven in '75"), brief bio and merchandise for sale.

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  • Freeman, John - Uncle Sloppy\\'s Pleasure Circus. Black humor comics comics from an artist and musician with Tourette's syndrome.
  • Fabry, Glenn - Official site with biography, bibliography, examples of work, and contact f details.
  • French, Renee - Comics and illustrations by the creator of Grit f Bath.
  • Foster, Michael - Comic strips about Larry the alien and his coffee shop. comics Creator of the children\\'s book When Larry Met Sadie, and comics illustration portfolio.
  • Fingerman, Bob - Creator of Minimum Wage and Beg the Question.
  • Furgason, Sharon - Inky Lagoon. Comics and illustrations by New f York-based creator of self-published comic Archipelago.
  • Faber, Rich - Illustrator and comic book inker. Artist information and portfolio.
  • Fly - New York-based cartoonist and musician, featured in World comics War III comics Illustrated. Online comics; books and comics zines for sale.
  • Freas, Frank Kelly: The Official Frank Kelly Freas Website - Original art and prints by the Dean of f Science Fiction Artists, Frank Kelly Freas
  • Frise, Jimmy - Biography and samples from the 25-year career of comics this Canadian newspaper cartoonist (1890-1948).
  • Francis, Davy - Includes cards, memoirs, and various projects from cartoonist of over 25 years.
  • Feldstein, Al - Official site for former EC Comics writer/illustrator and creators Mad Magazine editor, featuring his paintings.
  • Fisher, Seth - Flowering Nose. Official site of science-fiction artist, with art comics gallery, merchandise, and games.
  • Fama, Gene - Includes a short biography, comics showcase, illustration work, f and an comics online comic.
  • Franchesco - Chicago comic book illustrator and creator of Xstacy. creators Contains artwork and pin-ups for Marvel, DC and creators independent comic book publishers. [Requires Flash]
  • Forney, Ellen - Official home site. Includes samples of her illustrations f and comics creators (including "I Was Seven in \\'75"), f brief bio and merchandise creators for sale.
  • Ford, Mark - Gag cartoons and illustrations.
  • Feign, Larry - American cartoonist based in London and Hong Kong. Features comic strips "The World of Lily Wong", "The Royals" and other illustrations.
  • Feiffer, Jules - Information on the long and varied career of this New creators York cartoonist, novelist and playwright. Online comics, original art creators available.
  • Foss, Langdon - A Better Llama Graphics. Cartoonist with stories f published in Heavy Metal and New Thing. f Online comics and illustration gallery.
  • Fetch, Toc - Surrealist comics about "the life of a soul." Art samples and ordering.

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