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Canadian cartoonist whose monthly strip Maciek and Fiona follows the ups and downs of a young couple's relationship. Strip archives and other online comics.

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  • Helm, Stuart - Cheesy Graphics. Online comics and illustrations, interviews and creators essays, art and other merchandise for sale.
  • Haines, Lurene - The gallery showcase for writing and artwork. Original creators art for h sale, featuring popular comics and movie creators themes.
  • Hob - Online comics, sketchbooks, and mini-comic catalog from self-published comics cartoonist (aka comics Eli Bishop).
  • Hudnall, James - Information on projects like Halloween Comics, Espers, Age comics of Heroes, h Shut Up and Die, and Devastator. comics Also, biography, bibliography, various h ramblings and a preview comics gallery.
  • Haley, Matt - Official site for illustrator of Batgirl, Gen 13, comics The Order, h Vampirella, G.I. Spy. Artist information, comics current and upcoming projects, h sketchbook.
  • Hutchings, Ben - Geeen Comix - Home of Dragonhurtor, Buckets of creators Bile, You Stink and I Don\'t, and other creators comics and animations.
  • Hanuka, Asaf - Israeli cartoonist/illustrator, co-creator of Bipolar Comics.
  • Harwell, Marcus - Home of the hoarse. Creator of O\'Shea, co-creator of Greymatter.
  • Hook, Jeff - Twice weekly cartoons, cartoon archives, books, and other comics art-work from comics award winning Australian cartoonist.
  • Hayes-Chute, Ethan - Maine/Providence mini-comics artist (Nature's Milkshake).
  • Huizenga, Kevin - Creator of Supermonster. Mini-comics catalog and on-line stories.
  • Holden, Paul J. - Gallery, weblog, and message board for Belfast-based comic creators artist who comics has drawn for 2000AD, Warhammer Monthly, creators and Fantagraphics.
  • Hosler, Jay - Professor of biology who blends science and art creators in his h comics Clan Apis and The creators Sandwalk Adventures. Sample artwork h and storylines, science cartoons creators and work in production.
  • Hsieh, Dean - Gives a bibliography of his comics, including Westside h and Athena, creators plus covers, storylines and reviews. Also h news and interviews.
  • Hunt, Alan - Canadian cartoonist whose monthly strip Maciek and Fiona creators follows the ups and downs of a young creators couple\\'s relationship. Strip archives and other online creators comics.
  • Hanuka, Tomer - Illustration portfolio and information about Bipolar Comics.
  • Haward, Jon - Online comics, art, and original sketches.
  • Hamm, Jesse - Comics and information from the creator of "Comics creators to Bore and Confuse You".
  • Henderson, Sam - Publisher\\'s page for the creator of The Magic creators Whistle and other humor comics, with links to creators online strips.
  • Helnwein, Gottfried - The art and the comic-culture, Mickey in the San Francisco creators Museum of Modern Art, drawings, paintings, essays about comic-art and creators an interview with Disney-artist Carl Barks, the great creator of creators Donald Duck.
  • Hahn, David - Freelance illustrator and cartoonist of comic series Private Beach. Includes comic art, design, rendering, and contact information.
  • Hellman, Danny - Cartoonist and illustrator (Screw Magazine, Legal Action Comics). h Portfolio and book information.

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