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  • Rio, Al - Official website with image artist work, online store, creators image creators gallery and mailing list.
  • Riggs, Robin and Elayne - Soulmate Productions. Official site of DC and creators Marvel comics r artist Robin Riggs and writer/critic Elayne creators Riggs.
  • RegĂ©, Ron - Portfolio of mini-comics creator and author of Skibber creators Bee-Bye.
  • Roth, Arnold - Artist's site features biography, portfolio and contact information.
  • Robbins, Trina - Showcases the artist's titles and provides biographical information.
  • Remp - Webart and comics by the artist. Includes a comics few comics by Willem.[Requires Flash]
  • Rapisarda, Alberto - Comics art, unpublished sketches and original scripts.
  • Rainey, Jason - A portfolio of sequential art and illustration.
  • Riddle, Theodore - Monolith Comics. Features superhero series Compu-M.E.C.H.
  • Rees, David - Creator of clip-art comics Get Your War On comics and My r New Fighting Technique Is Unstoppable. comics Weekly strips and archives.
  • Raskin, Jordan - Artists official website highlighting creator owned comic industry r of war. comics Features online portfolio of artist.
  • Reid, Mikhaela Blake - Political cartoons, illustrations, and weblog from Boston Phoenix cartoonist.

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