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Comic book and pop culture magazine updated daily with news, reviews and interviews. Columnists include Dwayne McDuffie and John Byrne.

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See Also:
  • Indy Magazine - Quarterly E-zine of reviews and interviews, published by arts Jeff Mason magazines and e-zines of Alternative Comics and edited by arts Bill Kartalopoulos.
  • Zum - Focuses on UK small press artists. Available online in PDF comics format, or by mail order. Includes catalog of self-published titles.
  • Rob's Comics and Nightmares - Current comicbook reviews and news, amateur art and magazines and e-zines comics short stories.
  • Dreamland - Monthly magazine about comics, science fiction, movies and comics television, published by John Migliore.
  • Redoubt - Articles, reviews, and interviews, focusing on superhero comics.
  • Prince Valiant and Comics Revue - Magazine dedicated to comic strips. Offers reprint arts trade paperbacks arts of comic strips.
  • Comic Widows - Reviews and columns, including a monthly review of web comics.
  • Sequential Tart - Web zine about the comics industry with a comics focus on magazines and e-zines women's issues.
  • Comic Shop News - Companion site to the comics information newsletter, with arts the Red K Awards and CSN Reader Surveys.
  • Comics Bulletin - News, reviews, interviews, and message board, focused on magazines and e-zines superheroes but with a small-press section.
  • TheComicFanatic.Com - News, reviews and previews of new superhero comics, plus retrospectives on earlier books.
  • Strange-Haven - News, reviews and message board, including forum for trading/selling comics.
  • In Sequence - Weblog by Teresa Ortega, on comic books, animation, video games, graphic arts and design.
  • ComicsPundit - Blogger comments on comic news.
  • PopImage - Monthly comics webzine. Includes featured creator, industry magazines and e-zines reports, small press coverage, reviews and online comics.
  • Grayhaven - News, reviews, online strips and message boards.
  • InkDevil - Offers new issue news, link adding, web comics magazines and e-zines comics directory, online comics, talent search and reviews.
  • Horror Comics Review - Covers and ordering information for print fanzine on horror comics, arts with some reviews online.
  • Krause Publications Comics Division - Information from the Comics Buyer Guide, Comics Retailer arts and Scrye publications.
  • 4-Color Review - Reviews, opinions, articles, and message board.
  • BorderWalker - Online comics (mostly adventure, fantasy and SF), also arts reviews and comics columns.
  • Comics Continuum - Source for comic-related news, articles, interviews and recommended arts comic links.
  • BugPowder - UK weblog on small-press comics. Also hosts several related sites with online comics and other resources, including the review zine TRS2 and Andy Konky Kru's Dachshund.
  • Jazma Universe Online - Newsletter aiming at promoting comic book art and scripts. magazines and e-zines Includes interviews and fan art.
  • Hero Realm - Offers comics interviews, reviews, upcoming titles and news.
  • Hogan's Alley - Online home for Hogan\'s Alley, magazine of the arts cartoon arts.
  • Collector Times Online - Publication for comics and other collectibles with articles arts about comics, arts collecting, and gaming.
  • Penguin Comics and Movies - Fan site with comic reviews, editorials, amateur art comics and fiction.
  • Comic Book Resources - News, reviews, columns, message board, and shopping.
  • Comixtalk - Online magazine about web-based comics, with news, reviews and interviews.
  • Fanboy Planet - Reviews, interviews and opinions on comics, movies, television, comics and wrestling.
  • Newsarama - News, opinion and previews. Covers both mainstream and independent comics. Updated several times daily.
  • Comix View - Companion site to E-mail newsletter. Free, but comics registration required.
  • The Slush Factory - Comic book and pop culture magazine updated daily with news, reviews and interviews. Columnists include Dwayne McDuffie and John Byrne.
  • There Goes Tokyo - Indy/small-press online comics, reviews, interviews, games. Also arts sells small-press magazines and e-zines comics by various UK authors.
  • Bezerk - Student comics magazine based at University of California arts at Berkeley. magazines and e-zines Back issues online in PDF and arts GIF format.
  • The Comics Journal - Online companion to print magazine, with selected articles, arts interview excerpts, arts and message board.
  • Comicology - Online edition of print magazine, with full text magazines and e-zines and art from selected articles.
  • Robin Snyder's The Comics - Information on this print fanzine, showcasing the masters arts of comic magazines and e-zines art, interviews and artwork.
  • Bonafide Comics - Online strips, comic and DVD Reviews, Flash games and comics news.
  • ComiXtreme - Reviews, columns and message boards, mostly about superhero comics.
  • Comicopia - Bi-monthly print zine which accepts submissions and is magazines and e-zines comics circulated only among its members/contributors.

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