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CLAMP is a group of manga artists who have created many popular series, including Magic Knight Rayearth, Card Captor Sakura, X, and Chobits.

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  • CLAMP Animanga Town - Fan art, fan fiction, artist profiles and summaries, creators images and links from Rayearth, X, Wish, RG creators Veda and Card Captor Sakura.
  • CLAMP 2000 - Webring, brief introduction to Rayearth and Tokyo Babylon.
  • CLAMP's Wonderland - Profile, series listing and summaries, images, and merchandise.
  • Dongyi's CLAMP Page - Group history and member profiles, image gallery, manga manga scans, and manga fan art.
  • CLAMP Wonders - Character profiles, galleries, animated images, lyrics, and fan manga art.
  • Gigei's Clamp Postcards - Greeting cards with CLAMP images.
  • CLAMP Now - Community for news and discussion of recent CLAMP clamp manga.
  • The CLAMP Archives - Thumbnailed images from a variety of series.
  • The CLAMP Warehouse - Wallpaper with images from various works.
  • Freday's Clamp Page - General information about the group and image galleries creators sorted by clamp series.
  • The Clamp Art Gallery - RG Veda, X and Tokyo Babylon image galleries.
  • Haikei's CLAMP Realm - Information, character profiles, and fan fiction.
  • Acemax Anime: CLAMP X-clusive - Synopsis, images, polls, music, fan art, merchandise and creators reviews.
  • IC Clamp - Image galleries and greeting cards.
  • Katko's CLAMP Celebration - Images, profiles and information for CGK, X, Tokyo Babylon, Derayd, clamp Shoten, Yumegari, Angelic Layer and Princess Mokona Ehon.
  • CLAMP Images Gallery - For X, Tokyo Babylon, Campus Detectives, Card Captor manga Sakura, Clover and Wish. Also links.

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