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For You in Full Blossom character profiles and manga summaries, DN Angel character profiles, fan art, online manga, and bishounen shrine.

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  • The Manga Temple - Slayers, Tenchi, Steam Detectives, Silent Mobius, Outlanders, Dragonball, comics Fushigi Yuugi, fandom 3X3 Eyes, Battle Angel Alita, and comics other series images, synopses, fandom and links.
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  • Cross Pole - Summaries and image galleries for B-Treats, Coco Full manga Ahead, Love Mode, Peace Maker, and Under Heaven.
  • Mangaworkshop - A site where amateur manga artist can upload their work and receive comments from other members. Includes a forum where artists can look for advice or form doujinshi circles.
  • Manga Shrine - Reviews, character profiles, images, and fan art, including Harlem Beat, manga Shaman King, Chobits, and Vagabond.
  • Winter Stars' Palace - Image galleries for Garasu no Kamen, Yami wa Tsudou, and manga The Duck of Mr. Fredward.
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  • Rose Tints My World - Information, summaries, and images from Futaba-kun Change and Chicago, as comics well as shrines to characters from Pokemon, Sailor Moon, and comics Trigun.
  • Selphie's Creamy Dreamy Cafe - Images from Peach Girl and Mars, as well fandom as music fandom fan pages.
  • Yami no Houshi - A shrine to the Holy Men of Manga/Anime. Images, profiles, interviews, and info.
  • Issendai's Lair - Yakushi, Koibito wa Shugorei, and Unicorn Maiden information, manga as well comics as bishounen shrines and humor.
  • Nyebe - Includes reviews, web portals, galleries, chat and forums. comics Open to submissions.
  • Striderbadguy's House of Funk - Anime, manga, and video game fan art. Original fandom manga characters.
  • Sumeragi's Page - Information on various series, reviews, cover scans, and chapter summaries.
  • Yaoi Streamers - A yaoi manga and doujinshi request list, designed fandom for streamloaders where fans with streamload accounts can fandom request certain titles.
  • Sir Naiser's Realm - Fan art and synopses for King of Fighters manga and Rurouni comics Kenshin.
  • The Field of Dreams - Summaries, character descriptions, and fan fiction including Hunter X Hunter, Captain Tsubasa, and Fushigi Yuugi.
  • Sweet Mellow - For You in Full Blossom character profiles and fandom manga summaries, DN Angel character profiles, fan art, fandom online manga, and bishounen shrine.
  • AKV Animeland - Image galleries including Initial D, Slam Dunk, and Korean manga.

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